Specification parameters of qy8g type of the hotte

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The crane qy8g specification parameter

is composed of a hydraulic motor and a two-stage spur gear reducer. The drum is cast with anti disorder knots. The new material is the pilot structure for the development of the material industry, and is equipped with a shoe brake



121m 10mm

surface bonding strength hydraulic operation, box structure, test width: 450mm, effective tensile stroke 800mm; The fixture of the universal material testing machine moves at a uniform speed at the rate of 100 ± 20mm/min; The minimum length of the clamping surface of the universal material testing machine is 45mm in the direction of the force. It is fixed mechanically or pneumatically. The front outrigger is H-shaped, and the rear is X-shaped outrigger. It is powered to lift and retract. It is equipped with a hydraulic lock. The horizontal and lifting cylinders can be operated at the same time or separately

4.25m and 3.51M

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