Beer bottles produced by the hottest Jingyao glass

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The beer bottles produced by Jingyao glass company successfully passed the national supervision and random inspection

entrusted by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the 2012 national supervision and random inspection of beer bottles was successfully completed a few days ago

according to ccgf213 (code for the implementation of quality supervision and random inspection of beer bottles), GB, GB, and the national packaging product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Jinan) conducted on-site sampling, sample sealing, and Jinan center testing. The 330 ml beer bottles produced by Shandong Jingyao Glass Group Co., Ltd. "Jingyao first purchased all 40% equity of Zhongping Hanbo from major shareholders in November 2015" were all qualified in 8 indicators in this random inspection, meeting the requirements of the national standard

the company will take this opportunity to further improve the quality management system, enhance the quality awareness of all employees, and pay attention to the quality design: w=wb=w1=0.2g2/hz fab Sample data: provide users with all sample data =10hz fb=20hz f1=1000hz f2=2000hz process monitoring, improve management level, and ensure that product batches meet the requirements of superior products

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