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Shantou Xinxie launched color printing anti-counterfeiting packaging materials

Shantou Xinxie packaging material factory in Guangdong recently developed and produced a full set of internal and external packaging materials for color printing - holographic anti-counterfeiting laser gold and silver card, holographic anti-counterfeiting laser gold and silver paper, and the unique combination of the two used and applied, constantly promoting economic prosperity, environmental improvement and social progress. Anti counterfeiting self-adhesive paper and film for sealing labels have been welcomed by customers after listing

will block the valve and oil circuit. The anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademark paper developed by the factory has obtained the national utility model patent. This anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive trademark paper, together with the holographic laser paper and holographic laser card developed by the factory, forms a trinity series of products of internal and external packaging and anti-counterfeiting marks, which are supplied to customers in a one-stop manner

according to the person in charge of the factory, at present, the demand for holographic anti-counterfeiting laser cardboard in the packaging box market has increased. The factory has competitive advantages in technology development, specialization, production equipment and enterprise management. After receiving customers' orders, the fixture can be put into one-stop production, and the product price can also be accepted by customers

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