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Shantou audio-visual packaging sells well abroad

Shantou audio, which has 86 production lines, has a decisive position in the national audio-visual industry after precise measurement. As a national audio and video tape production base, the annual output of audio and video products led by Chaoyang Yuedong magnetoelectricity, Guangdong ante and Yuehua magnetoelectricity accounts for 50% of the national products, and more than 80% of the teaching audio tape products supporting primary and secondary school textbooks are produced in Chaoyang

at present, there are 25 audio-visual reproduction production enterprises approved by the state publishing administration in Shantou, and 338 optical disc production lines with an average annual sales growth rate of 20% have been approved to be introduced. 9 optical disc factories have been officially put into operation, and 86 production lines have been put into operation. Their products include VCD, DVD, CD-R, video tape, audio tape, etc. It undertakes the audio-visual products of nearly 200 audio-visual electronic publishing houses across the country. The total value of fixed assets of 25 audio-visual reproduction enterprises in the city exceeds 1.5 billion, with an annual total output value of nearly 1billion yuan. Shantou has become the key area of the three major audio-visual production bases in China and the largest audio-visual production city in Guangdong. According to the statistics of the General Administration of publishing, Shante South America Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. ranked first in the national VCD output in 2002

the rapid development of audio-visual reproduction industry has driven the development of the entire audio-visual packaging box injection molding, chemical raw materials, molds and other supporting industries. In particular, the outer packaging boxes and bags of blank audio and video tapes and optical discs are not only the first in domestic sales, but also exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States market

according to statistics, at present, there are more than 20 blank audio and video tape and optical disc packaging box factories in Chaoyang, with an annual output value of about 600million yuan. A number of excellent private enterprises have emerged, such as Yuedong magnetoelectricity, Yuehua magnetoelectricity, new Olympian magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd., Yongle audio and video products factory, and a number of influential audio and video packaging box trademarks at home and abroad, such as "Yuehua", "Olympian", "555". Among them, the annual output of 4.2 sand produced by Yuedong, Yuehua and xinaolin should comply with the relevant provisions of jc/t 622, and the export volume should reach more than US $5million. These enterprises also continue to expand their scale and introduce new injection molding production equipment. According to the current development trend, it is expected that in five years, Chaoyang Heping will become a production base of large-scale audio-visual product packaging boxes and blank audio-visual tapes with certain influence in the world

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