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Shanxi coal technology and equipment exhibition Zhenyou mining communication solutions shine

ctiforum news on October 30 (Jia Er): from October 25 to 27, Zhenyou technology, with wireless voice, video, scheduling, broadcasting, personnel positioning, data acquisition and other products, made an appearance in the fourth 2012 China (Shanxi) international coal technology and equipment exhibition held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province

the opening ceremony on October 25

this exhibition focuses on the use line dispatching communication system solution of kt202 mining non-1, electronic universal experimental machine, and the mining multimedia dispatching multimedia system solution

Zhenyou technology booth a

the basic functions of kt202 mining wireless dispatching communication system include underground mobile communication and mining area ground wireless communication. Among them, the underground mobile communication adopts WiFi technology, and the system can facilitate the mobile communication between underground and underground; However, in practice, this kind of experimental machine can also stop testing other plastic, rubber and other composite materials, as well as some non-metallic materials. The ground wireless communication can roam from the underground to the ground. By building the ground wireless network, the integrated wireless communication between the ground office and living environment and the mine adjustment and production can be realized. The system also has several extended functions, including emergency rescue, broadcast linkage, audio and video linkage, personnel positioning, image and video monitoring, off communication, etc

international friends want to know about our dispatching switch

mining multimedia dispatching multimedia system integration tube, dispatching, recording, conference and other application units. Combined with nc5200 dispatcher and edt2302 touch screen dispatcher, it provides rich dispatching business functions, and realizes the linkage with the coal mine's own video monitoring, safety monitoring, production management, personnel positioning, broadcasting and other systems, Together, it forms a multimedia integrated scheduling business application platform. The system is connected with gas monitoring system, video monitoring system, production management system, personnel positioning system and emergency rescue system. It integrates wired, wireless, video and data, and can realize powerful functions such as production scheduling, multimedia scheduling and emergency rescue scheduling. By adding SMS, the underground related alarm information can be uploaded to GSM, 3G and other wells through SMS, The uploading of information breaks through the timeliness and regionality, which greatly facilitates the timely processing of underground alarm information by relevant personnel

Senior Product Manager Lao Ke explained to international friends the mining wireless dispatching communication system series products

Zhenyou technology has been deeply cultivated in the industry for many years. As a key strategic field of Zhenyou technology, the coal industry has a wide market and high-quality service, and has a good reputation in the industry. Zhenyou technology has made a leap forward development in the market activities of the carbon industry in 2017 (2) and 019. This year alone, it has participated in the exhibition events of the coal industry in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Yulin, Shaanxi and Taiyuan, Shanxi

edt2302 multimedia dispatching station has attracted many onlookers

in the future, Zhenyou technology will continue to strengthen its efforts in the coal industry, promote Zhenyou technology mining communication solutions and products close to the surrounding of the coal mining area, and make due efforts to further promote the information construction of digital mines and ensure the safe production of coal energy

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