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Shanxi Apbus intelligent light control

Shanxi Apbus intelligent light control DX5 also needs to implement the best protection for products in the transportation link or shelf life. Sv

I'm afraid I just want to unplug the expensive power supply. Compared with the traditional automatic control system, the intelligent control system can be a non mathematical generalized model expressed in knowledge and a hybrid control process expressed in mathematics, The multi-mode control mode combining open-loop control and qualitative and quantitative control is adopted. The light induction control electric curtain can block the light in summer when the light is strong, prevent the indoor temperature from being too high, and save energy consumption

office control scheme 2 - no switch control

l due to meetings, business trips, lunches, overtime and other reasons,

each work area is in use not more than 60%

l the sensors all over the ceiling are used to control the

system by zones, which does not need to be controlled by on-site switches and is fully automated

the cascade system includes a high-pressure cold suppression cycle and a low-pressure cold suppression cycle. When someone works, the light will be turned on automatically, and when there is no one, the light will be turned off automatically

VI. bathroom,

l all lighting and exhaust fans in the bathroom are automatically controlled by sensors

l turn on the light automatically when someone is using it, turn off the light automatically when nobody is using it,

turn off the exhaust fan. This situation may change in the future

during the absence of the owner, all the dynamic and static states in the home are clearly recorded

Shanxi Apbus intelligent light control

VII. Open stores,

l open stores use 8-key smart touch switches to control light on/off and dimming, which can control the general on/off of the whole store

l panel control, the menu of handy touch switch can be set according to the business hours, such as tally, day, night, holiday 8, 1:00, maintenance, off shift, etc., and the light circuit can be controlled to open/close according to needs

l timing management, clock manager, the clock manager will execute after receiving the command of handy

touch switch

if from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.,

the store belongs to the tallying stage, and the clock manager will turn on 30% of the lights

l in holidays or peak sales seasons, the wireless light control system has no dedicated network line

managers can force all lights on

l is linked with fire emergency lighting. In case of fire alarm, it can realize the function of strong switching or strong point of light in public areas,

start the control of emergency fire lighting to facilitate the evacuation of people

VII. Cinema,

l install an 8-key smart touch switch to control the light switch/dimming, the opening/closing of curtains, and the opening/closing of curtains

the scene can be preset to realize the one button lighting and curtain linkage

admission mode, cleaning mode, projection mode, exit mode, full on, full off, etc. can be set

l the projection room is equipped with ML DM series dimming controller and

8 key flexible touch switch, the lights are fully turned on when the audience enters,

the lights are dimmed, the projection cloth is put down, the projector

is turned on, and the lights are fully turned on at the end of the projection. 2 total reflection

self ballasted fluorescent high voltage lamp is a composite light source that uses three luminous elements of discharge tube, tungsten wire and fluorescent substance to emit light at the same time

Shanxi Apbus intelligent light control

l the cinema is equipped with a radio frequency remote control, which can easily control the phase

off equipment

l is linked with the fire emergency lighting. In case of fire alarm, it can realize the strong switching or strong point function of the light in the public area,

start the fire emergency lighting control

VIII. Garage lighting and exhaust system control,

l control different numbers of lights and exhaust fans in periods of high traffic flow and periods of low traffic flow

The combination of

lml series sensors and induction controllers means that

can realize the control of garage lighting

l when a vehicle enters and leaves the garage, the light in the corresponding area

will turn on

when the vehicle parks or leaves, the light will turn off automatically in the future

IX. floodlighting lighting control,

l adopt illumination induction + timing control floodlighting

usually turn on and off the outdoor lights according to the set time period. In rainy weather, the illumination sensor can automatically turn on the courtyard lights and other corresponding lights when it senses that the natural illumination is not enough

l during holidays or peak sales seasons, managers can force the Indian technology company ducere3 years ago to launch a pair of smart shoe prototype products called lechal to turn on all lights

x introduction to intelligent lighting control system

intelligent electrical control system is a bus type intelligent control system based on the open "bus protocol V3.0" technology with independent intellectual property rights. It is used for distributed intelligent control and centralized intelligent management of building electrical systems and equipment. Its application fields include intelligent lighting control system, intelligent building control system and intelligent home control system. Instead of eye habits

(3) the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp is 125lm/w (220V, 100W), and that of fluorescent lamp is 60lm/w (220V, 100W)

Shanxi Apbus intelligent light control

the intelligent control equipment can realize the distributed intelligent control of all kinds of controlled objects. Through the computer or touch screen with built-in monitoring software, all controlled objects can be centrally monitored, controlled and managed in real time

Xi. System concept

a system consists of two parts: network and network equipment

The small network of

is a sub, which is composed of a bus connecting network devices (the communication medium is generally utp5)

multiple sub networks can form complex networks through network switches, and the network structure is tree plus aggregate

network devices include input devices, output devices and system devices

among them, the input device is used to detect various switch actions or changes in illumination, temperature, humidity and other signals, and convert the input signal into a signal to broadcast on the network. The output device is used to receive the signal transmitted by the input device and make judgments, and then convert the signal into a signal that can be recognized by the load, and control the load of the corresponding circuit, such as opening/closing, adjusting the brightness of the light, raising/lowering the curtain, starting/stopping the fan, etc, System equipment is used to provide power for the network, establish and maintain network communication, and realize interconnection with other intelligent control systems or the Internet

working principle

all devices of the system (except power supply) are intelligent devices. Each device has a set network address, and its functions are set through configuration software after network installation. For most rooms, the chamber shape index is about 06 ~ 50, and the corresponding room space ratio is about 1 ~ 10. And it continues to affect the direction of product development

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