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Shaanxi Automobile Holding hande vehicle bridge supporting cranes are exported to India in batches

Shaanxi Automobile Holding hande vehicle bridge supporting cranes are exported to India in batches

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recently, 50 75t truck cranes of the automobile crane company supporting Shaanxi Automobile Holding hande vehicle bridge have been delivered to Indian customers with guaranteed quality. This batch of export orders once again shows the strength and international influence of Shanqi holding hande axle

Shaanxi Automobile Holding hande automobile crane bridge products cover small and medium tonnage crane bridges, large tonnage crane bridges, cross-country crane bridges to avoid bumping tires, and independent suspension crane bridges. It is the leading automobile crane bridge manufacturer in China with the most varieties and the most complete series of automobile cranes; The company is committed to replacing imported axle products in the truck crane segment market, cooperating with the main engine factory to promote localization projects, and breaking the market pattern in which the locomotive bridge products are monopolized by foreign brands after the 2010 Autumn national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition and 2010 China International Education Technology and equipment exhibition, which are widely watched by large tonnage cranes, were grandly opened in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center; With the in-depth development of international marketing, hande company actively benchmarked the industry's leading level, established a customer-oriented marketing concept, deeply explored customer needs, worked hard to improve product quality, continued to improve management processes and manufacturing processes, and committed to providing customers with the best solutions, and ultimately achieve customers

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