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Shantou Jinlan machinery has recently developed a single sheet cold stamping equipment

cold stamping technology is a printing technology that uses UV curing adhesive to transfer hot foil to printing materials with the help of printing plates. It breaks the traditional hot stamping process of transferring hot foil by hot pressing, which not only solves the difficult technical problems in hot stamping printing, but also avoids the pollution to the environment in the process of making metal plates, and also saves a lot of energy. Cold pressing technology has the advantages of fast printing speed, short production cycle, wide application of materials, high printing accuracy, good anti-counterfeiting effect, and meets the requirements of environmental protection printing. It is the latest scientific and technological achievement in the European and American printing industry in recent years

in China, metal packaging materials have become highly respected packaging materials by businesses because of their strong visual impact effect, which can make commodity packaging colorful, and are rapidly being applied to various commodity packaging. The hot sale of high-grade cigarette products determines that its packaging will inevitably become the focus of cigarette manufacturers. Cigarette packaging is no longer shown in the old face of simple design and rough production. According to tan Weihong, general manager of Haier New Materials Research and Development Co., Ltd., it has been completely transformed, and a large number of materials such as aluminum foil composite or pet coated cardboard with metallic luster and high brightness are used. However, due to the non degradability of such materials, it is easy to cause environmental pollution and inevitably bring about environmental crisis. With the establishment of people's awareness of environmental protection, especially in the face of the green trade barriers implemented by developed countries after China's entry into WTO and the impact of foreign low tar and high environmental protection cigarettes on the domestic market, green environmental protection has become an irresistible development trend of tobacco packaging, and it is a foregone conclusion that composite packaging materials will be gradually eliminated

so what kind of environmental protection material is used to replace the composite packaging material

cold pressing technology is an ideal choice. It not only has the characteristics of transferring all gold and silver cardboard, but also meets the personalized needs of China's existing cigarette bag market. At present, the existing cold pressing technology is mainly used in narrow width flexographic printing machines, but it is only suitable for printing roll substrates and cannot be used together with the existing sheet fed printing machines. And the printing adhesive is mainly used in flexographic printing unit. When printing fine lines, small words, large field and half tone patterns, flexographic printing unit is very easy to produce problems such as broken lines and paste, and the metal decoration effect on the surface of printed matter is poor. In the production of offset printing on-line and web flexo cold pressing, the bronzing foil runs at the same speed as the printing roller, and the circumference of the printing roller is often not equal to the product layout size, such as the TV shell, washing machine shell and other bronzing foil is seriously wasted. In addition, the plate sewing of holographic hot stamping foil also greatly restricts the application of cold pressing technology

in view of the above situations, Shantou Jinlan machinery has recently developed a single sheet cold pressing equipment. The next step in the production of this equipment will be how to make the product widely used. After printing UV oil and other adhesives on the substrate, the space between two adjacent substrates is very compact during cold pressing, which improves the utilization rate of bronzing foil. In addition, during the cold pressing of holographic hot stamping foil, the photoelectric eye monitoring system configured by the equipment can monitor the plate seam position of holographic foil in real time, and transmit the signal to the servo mechanism, which controls the running speed and real-time position of the substrate according to the signal, so that the gap position of the substrate is just aligned with the plate seam position of holographic hot stamping foil. In this way, the surface of the substrate can avoid the holographic hot stamping foil plate seam, and greatly improve the qualified rate of the printed product. At the same time, the equipment can be used to process raw materials before printing at will, producing special printing effects. Or the realization of metal decorative effect on the surface of printed matter after printing, and the smooth realization of metal decorative effects such as fine lines, small words, large field, half tone patterns on the substrate

at present, the device has applied for a national patent, which is intended to fill the technical gap in this field in China

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