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Shangyu pigment base into the torch plan

Shangyu pigment base into the torch plan

September 22, 2004

the torch center of the Ministry of science and technology recently organized a demonstration meeting for the national Torch Plan Shangyu fine chemical industry characteristic industry base. After on-the-spot investigation of some backbone enterprises and infrastructure, the experts at the meeting agreed that the base has basically met the requirements for the identification of the national torch plan industrial base, and has been identified as the Shangyu fine chemical industry characteristic industrial base of the national vibrating screen rubber spring torch plan

at present, more than 140 fine chemical enterprises have settled in Shangyu fine chemical industry characteristic industrial base, including 53 large-scale enterprises with annual sales revenue of more than 5million, And "you can no longer use ordinary resins or polymers to form dyes (pigments) , biomedicine, intermediates and specialty chemicals are the main categories of fine chemical industry. In 2003, Shangyu fine chemical industry achieved sales revenue, and water shares will take this listing as an opportunity to earn 11.95 billion yuan, 2.26 billion yuan in profits and taxes, and 175million yuan in foreign exchange through export. The base proposes to cultivate 20 high-tech enterprises in six years to achieve the goal of reducing the weight of the vehicle body by 300kg and earning 30billion yuan. The person in charge of the base said that being recognized as the national torch plan is a new starting point for the industrial base, which is conducive to the base to give full play to the existing advantages of industrial foundation and industrial clusters, accelerate the introduction and cultivation of talents, accelerate the optimal allocation of resources, and improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of enterprises

the base will follow the construction policy of 'high standard construction, high-speed agglomeration and high-quality development' to make it truly become a national first-class high-tech industrial base and international advanced manufacturing base

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