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Recently, Shantou Unicom regional call center, as the first unit in China to "implement 3G exclusive and transform the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. With the increase of the number of applications, it has been successfully cut online. Now the 10010 self-service IVR, manual access and complaint distribution process are smooth

after cutover, Shantou call center will establish 3G customer contact center and standard customer service center respectively, implement the differentiated service between 3G customers and non 3G customers, and divide the customer service front desk into front-line telephone service seats, second-line 3G expert seats and broadband expert seats. At the same time, 10010 is adjusted from IVR access by user brand type to access by user value, with 3gvip, non-3gvip, 3G ordinary and non-3g ordinary IVR sub processes, new user levels of 7 types of IVR access, and more than 10 IVR query and processing projects. Shantou standard customer service center provides users with mobile + solid full-service comprehensive skills service, which is a step forward compared with other excellent provincial companies in implementing 50% full-service skills + 50% single skills

Shantou regional call center, as the pilot of "3G exclusive and hierarchical services" of Guangdong Province company, can input the number and frequency of experiments according to the requirements. Since its launch in March, it has completed the testing of 65 IVR processes and 2072 voice data, optimized the combination of job number seating skill groups, and organized the full-service cross training of more than 100 customer service personnel for two months. The successful launch of Shantou Unicom's "3G exclusive and classified services" system benefited from the cooperation of provinces and cities, the standardization of overall plan and IVR process design, the promotion of microcomputer control and other experimental machines, and the strong support of customer service system and BSS system, which provided a good reference experience for the Province's "3G exclusive and classified services". People's post and telegraph

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