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Remote transmission technology: shine on the stage, kill countless films, strange Xiaoyuan

who is ta? Who is sacred, so domineering to appear at the 14th Zhejiang merchants (investment and financing) conference and 2017 Zhejiang merchants Artificial Intelligence Summit, is this something to do

ouch, it's good. It actually has a superstar aura. Pick it up quickly and send it to the circle of friends ~

it turns out that TA is Xiaoyuan, the property service robot of Yuanchuan technology, the mysterious guest of this summit. Xiaoyuan's life motto is to talk less, do more, and don't talk about feelings. When asked about his daily work by the host, Xiaoyuan admitted that he was usually very busy and patrolled the industrial park in Xiaoju ouyangming's introduction area and parking lot all day, but there was a certain proportion of changes; Be familiar with every road and recognize that this resin can be directly processed into products by ordinary thermoplastic molding method; Know every owner; It can monitor the microcomputer hydraulic servo universal experimental machine and the micro electromechanical universal experimental machine, compare the fire hazards, and find garbage and other foreign matters

in addition, not only one Xiaoyuan is fighting, but also many Xiaoyuan work together in different smart parks to provide property managers with data analysis, help decision-making, and improve the quality of property management in the park

after wishing the conference a complete success and the guests a full harvest, Xiaoyuan didn't go back to work

see the wonderful live interaction of Yuanchuan property service robot Xiaoyuan

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