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Renewable energy industry is an important choice for China's sustainable development

the experience of Chinese enterprises in developing renewable energy industry shows that due to the internationalization of low-carbon technology and capital market, Chinese enterprises can take advantage of the vast market advantages to achieve leapfrog development in the development of low-carbon technology. At the same time, China's market potential should be utilized to better contribute to global low-carbon emission reduction

in the past, China built a coal-fired power plant almost every week, which was once a story the world enjoyed when pressing the "f Qing/0" button. Because China's energy is mainly coal, but the development experience of renewable energy industry in recent years shows that renewable energy has played an important role in supporting China's economic development. At present, although renewable energy itself is not enough to solve China's energy problems, the results will be very different if the application of renewable energy is combined with clean and efficient coal utilization technology to improve energy efficiency

How China successfully combines the development of renewable energy with the economic development model based on the heavy reliance on coal, and establishes a new economic growth model based on clean development, which has a far-reaching impact not only on China, but also on the future development of the world. If China can expand the application scale of renewable energy, make it enough to have an impact on the domestic market, and continuously improve the level of renewable energy technology, reduce costs, and make it reach the price level acceptable in the international market. Then, these technologies will soon be promoted and adopted worldwide. Just as the United States led the world into the oil age a century ago, controlling future changes in the global climate may depend to a large extent on China's introduction of the world into the era of renewable energy

in addition, the elastic modulus E and proportional limit of the material can be measured σ p. Elastic limit σ The development of renewable energy such as e needs perseverance

the contribution of the development of renewable energy industry to low-carbon economy is obvious to all, but there are still various difficulties in the development of renewable energy industry at present. Although the development of renewable energy in China has made many achievements that have surprised the international community, the development of renewable energy is not achieved overnight and requires persistent efforts

it can be seen that the high price of renewable energy products is still the main factor restricting the development of the market, so that the development of the industry depends too much on policy support, which brings great obstacles to large-scale application, because the reduction of costs depends on large-scale production and technological progress, which is particularly important

at present, low-carbon technology is a type of technology of great significance to the future sustainable development of mankind. An effective mechanism is needed to promote the rapid dissemination and promotion of relevant technical information around the world, so as to jointly promote the reduction of costs, so as to realize large-scale application as soon as possible, and finally replace fossil energy on a larger scale

however, due to the influence of intellectual property rights and other factors, the effect of renewable energy technology transfer worldwide is not satisfactory. Enterprises can only rely on their own strength to solve key core technology problems, resulting in the slow rate of cost reduction

how to mobilize the strength of enterprises, governments, public funds, international institutions and intergovernmental organizations to speed up the research, development and transfer of advanced renewable energy technologies in the world is a long-term problem to be faced in the process of coping with global climate change

Chinese enterprises want to become the leader of the development of renewable energy industry

the development of renewable energy is a process of "government setting the stage and enterprises singing the opera". In the initial stage of industrial development, the government has made a lot of efforts, learned from international advanced Industrial Development and policy making experience, and introduced a number of incentive policies, including renewable energy law, in a short time, which has provided a relatively clear signal for the development of the market, Drive to regularly clean the pipe through the filter in the filter; The development of a large number of enterprises

at present, wind power, solar power generation, solar water heater and other major renewable energy technologies have basically formed a complete industrial chain. From the price bidding results of wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation, the renewable energy industry has the conditions for large-scale and market-oriented development. At the same time, enterprises have the ability to reduce costs and renewable energy power generation prices through market-oriented means. Although it cannot compete with traditional industries completely in the near future, renewable energy enterprises, especially leading enterprises, have gradually matured and are able to lead the whole industry to take the road of market-oriented development. Therefore, the development of China's renewable energy industry has reached the moment of transformation to "enterprise singing", and enterprises will play a more leading role

the development of renewable energy needs a large number of enterprise leaders

the experience of several successful cases shows that the renewable energy industry, especially China's renewable energy industry, is full of unlimited business opportunities, but the realization of this business opportunity requires leaders who grasp the business opportunities. The past business opportunities have made Shi Zhengrong, Huang Ming, Zhang Dingjin, Xie Changjun, WISCO and other successful enterprise leaders. Zhang Dingjin's success lies in grasping the business opportunities of Technology Mergers, rapidly realizing the technological transformation of enterprises, and moving from traditional industries to renewable energy, a low-carbon industry. Shi Zhengrong's success lies in using the perfect combination of technology and capital to quickly and efficiently realize the commercial value of technology. Enterprises and enterprise leaders similar to him include Jinfeng, Yingli, Saiwei, Trinasolar and their leaders, WISCO, Miao Liansheng, pengxiaofeng, Gao Jifan, etc. Huang Ming's success lies in more than 10 years of painstaking efforts to develop a domestic technology that is not recognized by the world into an industry with world reputation

business opportunities now and in the future call for not only a few leaders, but also a group of enterprise leaders. The success of China's renewable energy development will have a far-reaching impact on the development of the global economy, benefiting not only 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also the other 5billion people around the world. The current situation calls for such leaders to create heroes, develop renewable energy and achieve low-carbon development

at present, we find that Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs have the problem of blindly following the trend. After seeing the successful cases of Shi Zhengrong and Peng Xiaofeng, hundreds of enterprises flocked to the photovoltaic power generation industry; When it was said that polysilicon had huge profits, more than 70 enterprises entered the production of polysilicon. In addition, a wind power market with only 10million kW per year has even poured into the competition of many enterprises

blindly following the trend shows that many enterprises have not formed their unique strategic positioning and core competitiveness, and cannot form their strengths and market share in the industry. Blind convergence is a manifestation of a confused market prospect and a lack of strategic vision. It is not difficult to find that in the hot investment market, those who fall into the polysilicon investment disaster are some follow suit enterprises. Shi Zhengrong's success is not accidental. In addition to mastering core technology, he is also good at grasping business. 2. Enterprises that test the stretching and tightening machine of materials and persevere have a greater chance of success

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