The hottest remote technology won the 2017 Zhejian

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Yuanchuan technology won the 2017 Zhejiang IOT annual innovation and technology award

on January 18, the annual meeting of Zhejiang IOT Industry Association and Zhejiang intelligent manufacturing standards alliance was held in Hangzhou. More than 300 people attended the meeting, including Ling Yun, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, Chen zongnian, chairman of Zhejiang IOT Industry Association and chairman of CLP Haikang group, as well as relevant leaders and partners

Yuanchuan technology has two qualifications: national high-tech enterprise and Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute. As a new member of Zhejiang IOT Association, it has won the 2017 Zhejiang IOT annual innovation and technology award

with the 13th five year development plan of IOT and the proposal of policies such as made in China 2025, IOT has become the key direction of technology and industrial innovation at the national level

Yuanchuan technology actively caters to the trend, integrates IOT technology with manufacturing and other industries, and innovatively puts forward intelligent service marketing solutions. With the help of IOT, big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, help enterprises realize all-channel connection, intelligent interaction, all-round collaboration, and self feedback iteration in the whole process of service marketing; At the same time, it precipitates customer data, portrays customer portraits, reaches potential customers, and realizes data realization. Transform from customer thinking to user thinking, gain insight into the intelligent logic of marketing services, and create a new platform for value growth

make the terminal equipment complete through the IOT module. In the whole life cycle, the IOT module can upload the status, fault, usage and other information of the terminal equipment to the enterprise data center. Through the collaborative analysis of terminal data and enterprise internal data, biomaterials play an important role in disease treatment and medical care. On the one hand, it ensures the safety of users and provides active services to customers in case of equipment failure; On the other hand, it is convenient to understand users' usage habits and potential needs for products in a timely manner, so as to carry out secondary marketing and create new value growth points for enterprises. The cooperation between Guangya aluminum and China Nanjing University provides strong technical support for the fields such as military industrial materials, aerospace, high-speed rail, and transportation in the shared bicycle industry, where more than 25 brands have entered and 27 products have been transferred to the enterprise self declaration Bureau

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