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ERP agent: the choice between ups and downs

in recent years, the biggest surprise for management software developers is the launch of the management software market for small and medium-sized enterprises, which contains 3.4 million potential users, with an average annual growth rate of% and surging enthusiasm for information technology. All manufacturers are excited about it. Under the guidance of the goal of "those who win the channel win the world", they have stepped up channel development. The products used by major manufacturers for channel competition include kis, UFIDA, business one and other domestic front-line management software products. Even the ERP manufacturers in Baodao and Taiwan have joined the ranks, starting the channel competition and the cultivation of the mainland market. Driven by both the market and the developers, many agents are attracted to it, and the whole ERP software agent market is booming

in fact, for software agents, this is a choice between ups and downs. The rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprise management software market has enabled them to see an emerging market and sprout hope. However, in this way, they also face two problems. One is how to choose? If you choose a growing and professional developer as a partner, you can naturally take advantage of the situation and embark on a new growth channel. Otherwise, it will drag down the enterprise, not only the occupation of funds, but also the time of the enterprise. Let's learn about the delay. Another question, how to transform? From early consultation and planning, to mid-term implementation and training, to later maintenance and service, strong professional knowledge is required. Perhaps it is not only computer technology knowledge, but also durability that is the advantage of the experimental machine itself. There is knowledge of enterprise management and industry experience. The biggest problem is that there are many variables in the software, making it difficult to determine the operating results of the software agent

just as the implementation of management software needs to pay attention to methodology, since the vigorous development of small and medium-sized enterprise management software market has made agents the general trend and catered to the needs of many current channel providers, the selection of management software developer methodology is bound to be the focus of IT enterprise managers. The method of selecting an agent is a process that needs steps and procedures. Generally speaking, it is necessary to know yourself first and then the agent

first recognize yourself: self positioning is the key

for software developers, the purpose of developing channels is to rely on the ability of three aspects of channels. Secondary development: Based on the general solutions and platforms provided by the developers, the agents carry out the secondary development of some customized functions according to the individual needs of users; Sales capacity: due to the huge space in the domestic market, a single manufacturer can not reach all the markets. With the help of the tentacles of agents, large-scale sales can be achieved; Service capability: provide value-added capabilities such as consulting, planning, implementation and service. For example, because sap has enough influence, it hopes that its partners have certain development ability and consulting service ability to meet the needs of high-end users; Kingdee and UFIDA only open their low-end products in most regions due to the coexistence of branches and channels. Therefore, for the requirements of agents, the market sales ability is more important than the service ability; As for the software products from Taiwan, as they are fully mature ERP products, the requirements for agents are to pay equal attention to the sales ability and service ability, so that their products can achieve large-scale sales and accumulate public praise in the mainland market; While those developers who are providing ERP products of less than 20000 yuan only pay attention to the sales ability, because the goal of the developers is to achieve large-scale promotion and occupation of the market

from the perspective of the value brought by the three capabilities, the secondary development and service capabilities can bring long-term and stable value-added, and the requirements for agents are relatively high. However, in comparison, the secondary development contains more uncertain factors and greater risks, and the number of enterprises willing to become agents with these capabilities is limited after all. The value of sales capability is one-off. After the transaction is completed, either the developer enjoys value-added, or the user no longer needs or trusts you, the agent loses the possibility of continuous sales

from the perspective of agents, in fact, they should also seriously consider, understand and evaluate their own abilities in these three aspects, so that they can choose the appropriate ERP product agent pertinently and actively, rather than passively and blindly accepting the developer's information, leading to their misunderstanding of agency. If a company with only a few people wants to do SAP project, SAP will not allow it to be mentioned for the time being. Whether the enterprise's ability can meet the needs of organosilicon users often touched by Pu discussions will become a great business problem for agents. The final result may be the purchase of goods, but the overstock of the enterprise's inventory. Because users do not trust the enterprise's service ability, but the market is waiting for no one, so it is impossible to wait until the enterprise develops and expands, Choose again. If the enterprise is an influential IT service provider in a region, but does not want to involve the secondary development, which is a link with large risks and uncertainties, then do not act as an agent for too low-end products. This will not only affect the brand image that the enterprise has built up hard for a long time, but also do not bring great marginal benefits to the enterprise

re understand the agents: pay attention to the long-term development strategy and concept of the enterprise

any agent that makes a difference and cooperates with ERP manufacturers hopes to have a long-term, stable and sustainable growth space, which requires agents to pay attention to and investigate the long-term development strategy and concept of the enterprise, rather than focusing on the channel strategy and support strategy of the enterprise, Don't rush to follow up and hold yourself up just because the development enterprise has launched a concept or preferential activity one day

the long-term strategy and concept of the development enterprise have a far-reaching impact on its partners. The development of product strategies such as product R & D investment, R & D route and product professionalism will determine the market fit and competitiveness of products, and thus determine the difficulty and cost of agent product sales, consultation and implementation services; Market strategies such as developing the existing brand influence, short-term and long-term market investment, cultivating the market with a responsible attitude or harvesting the market with hype will affect the difficulty of market development and sustainable sales growth space of enterprises. The development of enterprise price system, channel profit space, long-term value-added space and other price systems will determine the fundamental interests of agents - profits. These will have a long-term, sustained and real impact on the development space and interests of agents, while the channel strategy and support strategy can be continuously strengthened or changed. In this regard, foreign manufacturers, such as SAP and ERP manufacturers in Taiwan, have accumulated industry experience and service experience through successful cases, which are passed on to partners, so that the partner system can also have professional, systematic and standardized service standards, so as to enhance the success rate of user applications, slowly accumulate Market reputation, and achieve sustainable sales and development. In addition, they have some additional measures to help users improve the application level and reduce the service cost of agents. For agents, these are just tools for the channel. However, they can record the fixture travel value, that is, the speed per minute (mm/min). Is this an enterprise concept? Is it sales in the channel? Or in the market? Are you cultivating the market with a long-term and responsible attitude? These judgments are obviously crucial to the future and development of agents

360 degree investigation: the purpose of the field investigation is to verify whether the publicity and investment promotion materials of the development enterprise are consistent with the actual situation. In a booming market, there are bound to be many impetuous manufacturers to attract agents by exceeding the actual commitments and publicity. At this time, it is necessary for agents to keep sober and inspect ERP manufacturers with a foggy eye

the key points of the on-the-spot investigation should be: first, investigate the strength and scale of the enterprise. In addition to whether the scale of the enterprise is as expected, you should also know what stage the enterprise is in. Obviously, a growing enterprise should be the best choice for agents. 2、 The channel policy and support system of the manufacturer, the number of technical support personnel, service personnel, R & D personnel, and the professional level of the manufacturer can all show the strength of the enterprise's support for the channel system. 3、 Products and technologies, this is an opportunity to comprehensively understand the products and technologies of ERP manufacturers, and it is also an important way for agents to judge the competitiveness of products. Of course, before the investigation, the agent must do the following work: conduct a detailed investigation on the products in its own region, form first-hand data, so as to formulate targeted negotiation strategies, and ask the manufacturer to answer the regional market operation and development problems. In short, we should go with the questions and return with the answers

first understand yourself, then the manufacturer, and finally conduct a 360 degree investigation on the manufacturer. In the process of determining the ups and downs of the enterprise, the agent should not only remain rational and prudent, but also understand the strategies and steps, so as to win the future for the enterprise. (end)

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