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Cheap and solid "agricultural machinery". When Toyota Tantu

with 5.7L V8 power mentions pickup trucks, it is believed that many Chinese people will have the impression that they are low-grade, low-end and cheap, and used to pull goods. However, in fact, pickup trucks are not generally high in some foreign countries. The functions of carrying people and goods are the same. They are more popular in the United States, where there are few people and DIY car repair, building houses and self driving tours are common. Today, let's take a look at the Toyota tundra, which is very popular with the American people and is also famous in China

the appearance is very wild, with a length of 5.8m and a wheelbase of 3.7m

the history of smooth road is not very long. The first generation of models was born in 1999. It is a full-size pickup truck produced by Japanese brands in the United States. Now there are three generations of models

in 2019, the body size of Tantu is 5814mm/2029mm/1925mm in length, width and height, and 3701mm in wheelbase, which is equivalent to the size of Ford F-150 (the length, width and height of F-150 are 5910mm/2192mm/1992mm, and the wheelbase is 3708mm). The vehicle weight has reached 2.7 tons, which is not much changed compared with the previous model. The new appearance changes include the new 18 inch BBS alloy wheel hub and the newly designed 1/4 inch thick front anti-skid plate

led headlights are decorated in black, and new rigid industries fog lamps are used. The tire model is still 275/65r18 Michelin all terrain tires. The front face of Toyota Tantu is strong and sturdy, and the body is broad and strong, rough and powerful, highlighting the strong style of American cars

the interior is simple and grand, and the space is huge.

the interior space of the smooth road is spacious, and even the buttons are slightly larger than those of traditional passenger cars. However, the interior design is somewhat outdated, and the material has a strong sense of plastic. The instrument adopts a larger 4.2-inch information display, and the brushed metal style trim alleviates the monotony of the interior

Raw materials that meet the requirements of FDA and meet the requirements of USP class VI and ISO10993 standards are used for formulation.

needless to say, the internal space is absolutely the absolute advantage of the pickup truck. The 3.7m wheelbase makes the longitudinal space and height several levels larger than that of cars or SUVs. The width of the riding space is about cm larger than that of Mercedes Benz S-class. In addition, the rear legroom is relatively spacious

powerful, two engines are available, breaking 100 in 7 seconds

Tantu has two engine displacement options, the low configuration model is the 4.6-liter V8 engine, which can generate 310 HP, and the high configuration version of the 5.7-liter V8 engine can generate 381 HP, which can break 100 in 7 seconds at the fastest. The power is quite strong

Tanzania quench has a slow response to the six speed automatic transmission, which is beneficial to the shaping of plastic extruded coating. The rear wheel drive is the standard configuration, and four resins for wood plastic are available, including PVC, PE and PP, of which PE accounts for 70% of the wheel drive. The maximum traction of Tantu is 10500 pounds, which can meet the needs of most people. The traction of low configuration models also reaches 6800 pounds

there are a wide range of options. The original import price of entry-level models is less than 500000 yuan.

Tantu provides a variety of configurations to choose from, including Sr, SR5, limited edition, platinum edition, professional 1794 edition and TRD pro. The original import price of entry-level models is less than 500000 yuan. In appearance, the trd Pro is designed with a unique grille, the front anti-skid plate has a prominent Rd logo, as well as LED headlights and fog lights, which are helpful for night lighting, and there is a shiny black exhaust pipe at the rear

in terms of chassis, Tantu adopts a larger aluminum fox shock absorber, which can achieve better heat dissipation and shock absorption control. The steel rim adopts a lighter BBS forged wheel

according to the latest news, Toyota may add a hybrid version for Tantu in the next generation of models. It has to be said that the wind of new energy has swept the world

conclusion: in China, pickup trucks were first classified as agricultural machinery, and then they were classified as light trucks. A. Application Manual of slave car; The classification of trucks gives people a sense of low price. In addition, trucks have been forcibly scrapped for 15 years (or 600000 km), which has led to a downturn in the domestic pickup truck market. However, the development of pickup trucks has also ushered in new opportunities. The previous policies that are not conducive to pickup truck sales have been gradually cancelled. The price of Tantu in the United States ranges from US $30000 to US $50000. For the American people, Tantu is a cheap and solid tool car. Will such a "tough guy" make your heart beat

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