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Zhenhai fasteners: initial charm of private brand

Zhenhai fasteners: initial charm of private brand

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Guide: referring to the world cup in South Africa, which ended a few months ago, the vuvuzela that resounded through the stadium is definitely a memorable element. For the Chinese people, the embarrassment is not only the absence of our own national team, but also the great satire made in China behind the vuvuzela noise: most of them are made in China

referring to the world cup in South Africa, which ended a few months ago, the vuvuzela resounding through the stadium is definitely a memorable element. For Chinese people, it is embarrassing not only that there is no figure of our own national team, but also that the vuvuzela "noise" has a huge satire on made in China: most vuvuzelas are produced in China, and their ex factory prices are generally between 0.60 yuan and 2.50 yuan. When they arrive at the world cup in South Africa, they are labeled by others, The speakers can be sold for 20 rand (about 17.70 yuan) to 60 rand (about 53.10 yuan), and the profit of Chinese processing plants is less than 5%

made in China suffered "brand war", not just vuvuzela. Take the traditional fastener industry in Zhenhai as an example. In the more than 40 years since it started in the 1960s, from the original OEM production to the formation of regional block economy, the expansion of quantity is very obvious. However, behind the rapid growth, in the absence of long-term brand creation planning, the added value of the whole industry is very low compared with the international advanced industry. The fastener industry in the whole region has also fallen into the embarrassing situation of only growing "head" (i.e. output) but not meat (i.e. profit)

current situation of Zhenhai fastener industry

after decades of development, there are special testing machines for testing various shapes and varieties. The district has gradually formed a regional development pattern of fasteners with Jiulong high and low temperature testing machine as the core and radiating to Shupu, camel and other places. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2009, there were more than 100 fastener production and supporting enterprises in the region, and more than 50 enterprises above designated size. The sales output value was about 2.4 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/4 of Ningbo and 1/32 of the country. In general, the fastener industry in our district has formed certain advantages in popularity, product types and standardization construction

"enterprises without brands lack market initiative." Said zhangxiankang, chairman of Ningbo Ningli Fastener Co., Ltd. At the end of 2008, the company obtained the first Chinese well-known trademark in the fastener industry of Zhenhai District. With the three-level jump of product brands, the company's sales performance also increased from 50million yuan before the establishment to more than 500million yuan

unfortunately, fastener enterprises with strong brand awareness like Ningli are rare in our district. According to the statistics of relevant departments, among the more than 100 fastener enterprises in the region, Ningli is the only one that has won the honor of China's well-known trademark and Zhejiang famous brand product, and Jinding fastener, as the top seller in the fastener industry in the region, has only won the title of Zhejiang famous trademark. Taking the sales in 2009 as an example, the output value of fastener famous brand products in the region only accounts for 28% of the whole industry

it can be said that most fastener enterprises in our district are still at the low end of the industrial chain of workshop processing and OEM production, with low industrial level, extensive development mode and weak awareness of brand creation

the restriction of enterprise brand creation

our company's universal testing machine now mainly includes two series of electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine

"it doesn't matter whether the brand is created or not, the OEM production will still live." In the interview, the author noted that for many small and medium-sized fastener enterprises in the region, the lack of long-term development planning should be the biggest constraint on their brand strategy

it is understood that before the outbreak of the financial crisis, the entire fastener industry was booming. "Previously, it had been relying on OEM processing for foreign businessmen. When the market was good, people could not cope with many orders." In the interview, a business owner said that at that time, although their profit margin was not high, they had a large amount of money. "Gallen explained the key point of relying on Engel's technology and expertise, and the overall benefit was also very considerable." at that time, they just took orders to produce, and felt very modest in creating a brand. "

due to the impact of the financial crisis and the successive anti-dumping in Europe and the United States, the orders of fastener enterprises in our region have dropped sharply, while the fastener products in our region, which have only been OEM production for a long time and do not have their own brands, have been squeezed in the domestic market. At this time, many enterprises realized the importance of brands. According to incomplete statistics of Zhenhai Branch of industry and commerce, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, more than 20 enterprises in the region have applied or are applying for famous trademarks in Ningbo, 12 enterprises have applied or are willing to apply for famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province, and the intention of enterprises to apply for famous trademarks in Zhejiang and Zhejiang is stronger than before

in addition, the lack of relevant associations and organizations as well as the development planning at the government level is also a major reason for the "small-scale fighting and independent" situation of the fastener industry in our region. It is understood that so far, more than 100 fastener enterprises in our district have not established relevant institutions similar to industry associations, which not only makes the enterprises in the district lack a platform for mutual communication, but also is not conducive to unified caliber and one voice in dealing with external pressure, and sometimes even leads to vicious internal competition. In this case, let alone create a regional unified fastener brand

at the same time, due to the lack of unified planning and guidance at the government level, fastener enterprises in the region are almost in a state of spontaneous development, and the development goal of the whole industry is not clear

"now many fastener enterprises in our district have realized the problem of brand, but compared with similar domestic block industries, they have fallen far behind." 1. The industry insiders made such judgments on the fastener industry in our district

late starters catch up

regional brands represent the image and reputation of a region to some extent. They are not only the creators of regional wealth, but also conducive to the optimization and promotion of industrial clusters in a certain region. Based on the above considerations, our district recently held a "seminar on the creation of regional famous brand of fasteners in Zhenhai District" to conduct research and Discussion on the creation of regional famous brand of "Jiulong Lake fasteners", which also marks that our district has put the creation of fastener industry brand on the agenda. More importantly, as a five-year plan to promote the brand creation and leapfrog development of Zhenhai District fastener industry, the development plan for the transformation and upgrading of Zhenhai District fastener industry in Ningbo has also been prepared and issued recently

the plan states that in the next five years, the district will focus on technological innovation and brand building, cultivate and develop a number of internationally competitive fastener brands and large enterprises, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance the domestic and international market position of Zhenhai District's fastener industry, quadruple the output value to 10billion yuan by 2015, and strive to build Zhenhai District into a brand fastener base in Ningbo Zhejiang fastener industry cluster demonstration zone, China Fastener manufacturing base and designated procurement base of international large manufacturing enterprises

when talking about this goal, many fastener business owners, especially small and medium-sized business owners, believe that it is very urgent and necessary to establish a regional industry association organization, strengthen communication and coordination among enterprises, and avoid mutual dismantling and vicious competition under the current situation that almost all enterprises work independently. Some business owners also believe that it is very important to strengthen the cultivation of advantageous brands and actively support potential brands. "In the case of regional brands, our small factories provide OEM support for large factories, and the development potential is immeasurable."

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