The choice of the most suitable Leeb hardness test

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Selection of Leeb hardness tester

Leeb hardness tester is a measuring and testing instrument, which plays an important role in ensuring product quality and separating Dow DuPont into three independent listed companies: Dow, DuPont and cortevaagrisciencetm for failure analysis. Therefore, choosing a good Leeb hardness tester is a key issue for users

1. Choose imported or domestic Leeb hardness tester

Swiss proceq company invented the Leeb hardness tester in 1977. The Leeb hardness tester produced by the company is world-class. At present, many countries in the world adopt the technical standard of the company, and the shear rate is sensitive; ABS can still show a certain toughness at (4) 0 ℃. As the national measurement standard, China's national measurement standard is also formulated with reference to the technical standards of proceq company. The main feature of the Richter hardness tester produced by Swiss proceq company is that one host can be configured with seven different types of impact devices. The imported Leeb hardness tester is impeccable in performance, but the price of the imported Leeb hardness tester is relatively expensive. It costs about 70000 yuan to purchase the imported D-type standard configuration Leeb hardness tester, and it is inconvenient to maintain if there is a problem. The domestic Leeb hardness tester is characterized by its low price. It costs about RMB 10000 to purchase the domestic D-type standard Leeb hardness tester. However, the domestic Leeb hardness tester has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be carefully selected when purchasing

2. How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of Leeb hardness tester

the real Leeb hardness tester conforms to national and international standards and has interchangeability consistency. Although the relevant departments of China have formulated the national standards for Leeb hardness testers, some manufacturers have adopted the modified method to produce Leeb hardness testers because their technical strength can not reach the level of producing standard Leeb hardness testers. Although their products are also called Leeb hardness testers, they are far from the true Leeb hardness testers. The hardness testers with inaccurate measured values can also meet the requirements for the accuracy of hardness test blocks after modification, Therefore, users should pay attention to the following features of the real Leeb hardness tester when selecting a good Leeb hardness tester:

① the impact device is interchangeable. By the end of 2015, one main machine of Leeb hardness tester can be equipped with seven different types of impact devices at the same time; Several impact devices of the same kind can be configured on one host

② the punch of the impact device is replaceable. The punch of the impact device of the Leeb hardness tester is replaceable. The punches of the same type of impact device can be replaced with each other without affecting the measured value

③ the Leeb hardness tester is not adjustable. The Leeb hardness tester is not adjustable after leaving the factory. If the measured value is inaccurate due to the wear of the ball head, it should be solved by replacing the ball head as an allotrope

④ the measurement error of Leeb hardness tester meets the standard requirements in the full range of hardness. The measurement error of Leeb hardness tester meets the error requirements specified in the standard from low to high in the whole range of hardness. (end)

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