Jindiyijing large family modern simple decoration

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How to decorate a house with an area of about 140 square meters to make it both beautiful and practical? In June, discounts from major decoration companies came, and Wuhan decoration owners often made a fuss, in order to avoid Wuhan decoration owners working in vain. Xiaobian specially collected some cases of different styles of home decoration renderings shared by Wuhan decoration company. Through these cases, you can identify the design ability of a decoration company. This case is the decoration case of wuhan carnival decoration in Jindi art scene. No more nonsense, there is a picture and a truth right away

there is only one wall and one door between the kitchen and the living room, but the kitchen is immersed in a world of black and white. Black and white kitchen space will produce different visual effects from different angles. The white cabinet is fashionable and elegant. Decorate with a little black, so that the kitchen has a little more affinity

the light wood colored floor, the white wall, and the dark gray carpet that exposes most of it, spread the fresh and comfortable atmosphere all over the living room. An artistic decorative painting with a close-up of characters, which has the connection between life and art, is very spiritual

the white bathroom makes people feel so spacious and bright. With light colored bath towels, towels and carpets, it's like entering the fairy tale world, with a sense of vulgarity. It can also bring a sense of release to the irritable mood

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