200000 people enjoy 180 square meters of post-mode

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Postmodern style is a kind of design thought and idea that modifies modernism in form. The postmodern interior design concept completely abandons the seriousness and simplicity of modernism, often with a kind of historical metaphor, full of a large number of decorative details, deliberately creates a vague and confusing mood, emphasizes the connection with space, and uses non-traditional colors. Its contradiction often makes people tired, and this kind of boredom is the typical mentality of postmodernism towards modernism in the past 50 years. Decoration owner files: Decoration owner: post-80s couple decoration company: today's decoration style: postmodern style decoration area: 180 square meters decoration cost: 100000-200000 decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls

the corridor between the living room and the dining room is spacious and far-reaching, while the open kitchen is completely decorated with elegant black furniture, which forms a sharp contrast with the white of the living room

looking at the living room from the dining room, sofa, ceiling, smooth floor, everything looks particularly eye-catching

finally, I came to the kitchen. The elegant matching table and the black kitchen cabinet formed a vivid picture of the kitchen

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