8 exquisite sanitary products add more flavor to l

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Editor's note: an inconspicuous hook or a unique lampshade can change the quality and atmosphere of life. Take a look at the following 8 sanitary products. They are exquisite and full of the pursuit of life. They are fashionable, environmentally friendly, healthy and beautiful. It's never difficult. Let's find some new moods for our family

8 exquisite sanitary wares add more flavor to life

[Lily Chandelier Lampshade]

reason for recommendation: This lampshade does not need any tools or glue. As long as you use your skillful hands, you can easily assemble it and play a beautiful three-dimensional lighting puzzle. There is no dazzling structural design, but it can make the light bulb produce the best effect. (Brand: Normann, Denmark price: 575 yuan)

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