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A good start! Shantui achieved a new breakthrough in loader sales in the Russian market

made a good start! Shantui achieved a new breakthrough in the sales of loaders in the Russian market

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at the beginning of the new year, good news came from the Russian market. The export growth of Shantui import and export company's domestic extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation. The pan Russian business department signed orders for more than 200 loaders with the agent company, The company plans to provide the current owner of projet MJP 5500x with an upgrade program and plans to complete the shipment in the first quarter of 2018

a good start! Since 2017, the pan Russian business department of the import and export company has actively responded to the company's product development strategy, maintained the continuous growth of bulldozers in the Russian market, focused on promoting the sales of loader products, and actively cooperated with the agent company to successfully integrate Shantui loader products into important Russian coal mining groups. At the same time, through customer visits, technical exchanges, strengthening after-sales service and other measures to improve customer stickiness, the results are remarkable! In 2017, the cumulative shipment of mainframe increased by 72% year-on-year, laying a foundation for winning more local customer cooperation

in 2018, the pan Russian business department of the import and export company will actively promote the sales of bulldozers, loaders, graders, excavators and other earth moving equipment in the Russian market. 3. Plastic tensile testing machine: the tensile strength of plastic is greater than that of rubber, creating a perfect product layout and providing users with a one-stop construction solution

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