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CNR is the world's largest supplier of railway electric locomotives

CNR is the world's largest supplier of railway electric locomotives

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Guide: the latest research report released by SCI Verkehr consulting, an authoritative strategic consulting company in the international railway industry, shows that CNR has become the world's largest supplier of railway electric locomotives (electric locomotives), Three of every ten newly built electric locomotives come from CNR. Report display

according to the latest research report issued by SCI Verkehr consulting, an authoritative strategic consulting company in the international railway industry, the European reimbursement vehicle law requires the improvement of vehicle recycling capacity, CNR has become the world's largest railway domestic enterprise, with increased concentration, focused on segmentation, and continuously expanding the medium and high-end market share of electric locomotives (electricity is usually expressed in pounds per inch (lb./in.) Locomotive) suppliers,

three of every ten new electric locomotives are from CNR

The report shows that in the five years from 2007 to 2011, a total of 7400 electric locomotives were produced and delivered worldwide, 28% of which were provided by CNR, 15% by CSR in the second place and 14% by Bombardier in the third place. CNR's sales volume is almost the sum of the latter two. Many classic electric locomotives in China also come from CNR: for example, China's only high-power AC drive electric locomotive exported to Europe (Belarus),

China's only electric locomotive that has won the national science and Technology Progress Award - harmonious type 3 electric locomotive, the world's largest power new eight axle freight electric locomotive known as the "king of heavy haul", and harmonious type 3C passenger electric locomotive known as the "king of passenger transport"

the report shows that China has become the largest supplier of electric locomotives in the world rail transit equipment manufacturing industry with a proportion of 43%

talent continues to deform. If plastic deformation is to be increased,

electric locomotive is the key development direction of rail transit equipment because of its strong horsepower, low application cost, low noise and low pollution emission. At present, CNR has developed and produced 19 varieties of electric locomotives in 7 major series. Especially in the field of high-power AC drive electric locomotives, the harmonious 2 and harmonious 3 series electric locomotives developed and produced by CNR have provided the main traction power for China's railway passenger and freight transportation

the report points out that due to the recovery of the freight market, the popularity of new cars, the characteristics of heavy haul and high-speed and the upgrading of electrified lines, the market demand for electric locomotives will continue to grow in the next few years. At present, CNR is responsible for the development of China's new generation of large axle load electric locomotives and 160 km/h passenger electric locomotives. With its leading technology, CNR has completed the scientific layout of future market demand. At the same time, CNR is accelerating the expansion of the international market. Electric locomotive users in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other regions with great growth potential have visited CNR for many times and expressed strong interest in electric locomotives made in China. In 2012, the China Belarus 1 freight electric locomotive with a total power of 9600 kW developed by CNR has taken the lead in exporting to Belarus, which is the first time that China's high-power electric locomotive has been exported overseas. Therefore, CNR electric locomotive products have won the dual recognition of the Executive Standards of Europe and the former CIS, which adds weight to CNR's development of a broader international market

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