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Playback of Huanxin open class: Six application scenarios and ten black technologies of Huanxin video customer service

Huanxin open class No. 17

on September 28, Huanxin open class invited Fu Ning, an old driver of Huanxin audio and video, to explain the pitfalls in the development of real-time audio and video, as well as the six application scenarios of Huanxin video customer service and the ten black technologies to further expand the field of utilization

video playback of open class

about Huanxin video customer service

as a leading enterprise in the field of customer service, Huanxin has released video customer service products with web and app as the carrier. Based on the industry-leading real-time audio and video communication technology, it provides visitors and enterprise customer service personnel with two-way real-time video interaction ability, supports video picture display and playback, voice and text synchronization, smooth communication, clear image quality and low delay. At present, it has been widely used in many things that need to be done for insurance. Before power on, the iron door of the hydraulic control box should be opened, including damage, education, commodity shopping guide, medical consultation, remote business processing, VIP service and other six scenes. Consumers can enjoy face-to-face VIP services without leaving home, helping enterprises greatly reduce costs and improve customer service efficiency while improving customer experience

gifts for participating in the open class of Huanxin

congratulations to Zhao x-yin, Houge and Wang Jue, who became the lucky audience of this open class and obtained the customized T-shirt of Huanxin

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