China Construction wins the bid for Xi'an Xianyang

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CSCEC won the bid to build the new terminal of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport expansion project

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport expansion project is a national key infrastructure construction project, which is listed as one of the top ten key projects of China's western development. BASF's products cover chemicals, plastics, specialty products, crop protection products and oil and natural gas. The new terminal is the central work of the entire expansion project. "Chen Weihong, general manager of full-color plastics, introduced Cheng, with a total construction area of 80000 square meters and a total investment of 540million yuan. With its special nature and location, the project has become a landmark building in the west, which is undoubtedly the focus of competition for national construction enterprises actively competing in the western market. China National Construction Corporation combined its internal advantageous resources and gave full play to the team spirit of China National Construction Corporation. In the fierce competition of more than 200 construction enterprises bidding, it won the bid with absolute advantages and won the main construction and general construction contracting management right of the new terminal project at one stroke. The bid winning of the project has won the reputation of China State Construction Corporation for its large-scale march to the West. At present, the proportion of R & D investment of our enterprise is about 3%, laying a solid foundation

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