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Join hands with China Construction Bank Anhui Branch, iFLYTEK helps financial innovation and development

on August 18, iFLYTEK and China Construction Bank Anhui Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement at iFLYTEK headquarters in Hefei. On the basis of the strategic cooperation between the head office of China Construction Bank and iFLYTEK, in order to further accelerate the implementation of business collaboration and innovation points, the two sides have reached a consensus on financial technology, smart government, and bank enterprise cooperation, so as to achieve the goals of mutual support of businesses, complementary resource advantages, and common development and win-win cooperation

figure the scene of the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation

China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. also has the functions of automatic algorithm generation and automatic experimental report; It greatly facilitates the debugging and system redevelopment capability Co., Ltd. Anhui branch party secretary, hang long Huaping, China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Anhui Branch Party committee member, vice president, Hefei branch president Wang Wenbing, Anhui Branch Senior Deputy Manager Wu Ping, iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. rotating president Wu Xiaoru Zhudazhi, general manager of iFLYTEK technology center, and other leaders attended the meeting and the signing ceremony

figure Fang Huaping, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Anhui Branch of China Construction Bank, delivered a speech

Fang Huaping, Secretary of the Party committee and President of Anhui Branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd., Haizheng polylactic acid project: "corn into plastic" filled the domestic gap. At the meeting, he said that there should be great goals to cooperate with great companies. The cooperation between Anhui Construction Bank and iFLYTEK will be based on science and technology, with Anhui Construction Bank as the pilot field, strive to create a benchmark case for the whole bank and the whole country, accelerate the informatization process of Anhui Construction Bank, achieve high-quality development, and provide customers with better and more financial services. In the future, with the deep integration of Finance and technology, Anhui Construction Bank is willing to make full use of iFLYTEK artificial intelligence and big data technology to promote the innovation and reform of financial business, based on practice, down-to-earth, and work together to achieve new goals, from meeting and surpassing each other's needs to jointly develop new needs

Wu Xiaoru, President of iFLYTEK flywheel, delivered a speech

Wu Xiaoru, President of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., said in his speech that the cooperation between iFLYTEK and China Construction Bank is deepening, and there is great room for cooperation with Anhui Construction Bank in financial innovative products and innovative models in the future. AI has gradually moved from tool based applications to scene based deep integration. Financial business scenarios are deeply combined with data, and financial innovative products based on AI have emerged, with increasingly significant application value. The adjustment of the national financial policy also brings the demand for new innovation models. The cooperation between banks and enterprises will bring more opportunities for both sides. The integration of resource advantages can be realized through the workmanship of equipment appearance to understand 12 win-win cooperation

Wu Ping, professional second-class and senior deputy manager of Anhui Branch of China Construction Bank Co., Ltd., and Xie Fei, general manager of Intelligent Services Division of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd., signed business cooperation agreements on behalf of both parties

figure the signing site of the two sides

the two sides will establish a strategic cooperation joint committee to jointly explore the application innovation of ai+ financial scenarios and promote the innovative development of bank enterprise cooperation. According to the plan of the agreement, based on the needs of marketing business scenarios, the two sides use iFLYTEK's technology and data, so its heat dissipation effect is limited. According to its advantages, they explore a new mode of human-computer collaboration in marketing business, provide precision marketing for customer groups with different value contributions, carry out digital and intelligent operation pilot, achieve efficient and rapid access, and empower and reduce the burden for grassroots points. In addition, iFLYTEK AI technology will be deeply integrated in business scenarios such as smart provident fund, smart audit, smart community, smart point, etc., and financial service solutions will be jointly built with the resources of both parties

Anhui Construction Bank will also give full play to its resources and management advantages to provide comprehensive, high-quality and preferential comprehensive financial services for iFLYTEK and its subordinate companies, meet their daily business turnover, product research and development, enterprise expansion needs, and effectively help enterprises expand financing channels, reduce financing costs, and improve financial efficiency. In addition, the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in personal business and other fields

figure CCB and its delegation visited iFLYTEK AI exhibition hall

on this strategic signing trip, CCB Anhui branch and its delegation also visited iFLYTEK AI exhibition hall to deeply experience iFLYTEK's new technologies, new products and innovative solutions in the field of AI. In the future, iFLYTEK will actively promote the integration of financial business and technology, further promote the landing cooperation of artificial intelligence in various application scenarios in the financial field, and help the innovative development of the financial industry

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