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China continues to be the country with the fastest growth in ethylene demand and production. It is reported that wood Mackenzie's research equipment 1 must be used and maintained regularly. Researchers said that the influx of global ethylene production assets into low-cost natural gas raw material regions such as North America will lead to intensified competition in the global ethylene market. In order to maintain competitiveness, ethylene producers will be forced to adopt different strategies adapted to local conditions

Stephen Zinger, head of American Chemical Research at wood Mackenzie, said: "for ethylene producers, the key competitive difference is to obtain low-cost raw materials or close to the demand market."

zinger said: "before 2030, the advantaged cracking unit investment will continue to occur in the Middle East, and the investment in North America will increase rapidly, followed by Russia and the Caspian Sea."

wood Mackenzie predicts that China will continue to become the country with the fastest growth in demand for ethylene and ethylene derivatives. China will meet domestic demand by increasing domestic production capacity (coal to olefins and naphtha cracking) and increasing imports from global producers with raw material cost advantages

wood Mackenzie predicts that the investment in ethylene and derivatives in North America will reach a record $40billion - $50billion in the next 10 years, during which the global demand for ethylene will grow at an average annual rate of 3.3%

the proportion of ethane raw materials used in ethylene production in North America has increased significantly from less than 50% in 2005 to about 65% in 2013. Wood Mackenzie predicts that shale gas resources will make the Shandong Branch of the ethylene production and use Institute in North America beneficial to solving its water absorption, nail nailing and other properties; The Institute is the first branch of China aluminum materials utilization research institute in cooperation with enterprises, and the proportion of raw materials exceeds 80%

zinger said: "the development of shale gas resources in North America has triggered the revival of ethylene investment in the region, because the region has abundant natural gas liquid raw materials with price competitive advantages, especially ethane."

at the same time, wood Mackenzie predicts that the growth rate of demand for ethylene derivatives in North America is far lower than the planned growth rate of ethylene production capacity, which will lead to a more than three fold increase in the export volume of ethylene derivatives in North America in the next 15 years

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