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[Abstract This paper mainly introduces the use of open fieldbus CC link to realize the monitoring system of metering and batching, so as to achieve the purpose of reliability, effectiveness and maintainability. Their characteristics, functions and applications are emphatically discussed.

[keywords CC link open fieldbus fieldbus control system i/o server measures ingredients, but the material performance remains unchanged or even higher

abstract: the paper presents batching weight for control system by using CC link fieldbus.

realize purchase for reliability, availability, serviceability, discuss the feature, function and

application of the fieldbus control system.

key Word: CC link open fieldbus FCS i/o server batching weighting


the application of automatic batching control system in various industries has been common, such as metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, building materials, food and other industries. It is the primary link in the production of finished products, especially in industries with continuous supply requirements. The process control of its proportion directly affects the quality of finished products, and it is a prerequisite for enterprises to obtain the best economic benefits. Although different process characteristics of the industry have different requirements for batching control, its high reliability, progressiveness, prescribing, maintenance free and scalability are the consistent goals pursued by factory automation FA

second system function

based on the above objectives, we have designed and manufactured a set of fully automatic three electricity integrated production line for multi variety mixed batching and weighing for an enterprise. The dynamic metering scale seamlessly forms a trinity metering and batching system with PLC and hmi/ipc through CC link fieldbus, in which the industrial computer is connected to the erp/mis of the factory through hub and Ethernet tcp/ip. The whole batching process is carried out in strict accordance with the selected formula ratio and process, and there are multi-level alarm records to complete the mixing and feeding of different raw materials and logistics control, realize the integration of management and control, and optimize the performance and efficiency of process control

overview of CC link

cc link is the second-generation open fieldbus launched by Mitsubishi Electric in 1996 with the goal of high performance, low cost and multi vendor support. It is the abbreviation of control communication link. In November 2000, CC link association was established to be responsible for the popularization and development of CC link in the world

open fieldbus CC link has outstanding advantages such as excellent performance, wide application, simple use, cost saving and so on. CC link adopts twisted pair as the master-slave structure of the connection medium, supports up to 64 slave stations, and adopts the broadcast inquiry mode, which can reach a maximum speed of 10Mbps. PLC or computer as CC link master station, equipped with aj65sbt-rpt repeater, the longest distance can reach 13.2 kilometers. The maximum cyclic data capacity of the network bus is 2048 points and 512 words; The maximum instantaneous transmission data volume is 960 bytes. CC Lin found that there are not many old brands of domestic experimental machine manufacturers. K has reservation station function, automatic refresh function, plug and play function, and complete Ras functions such as master station hot standby, sub station disconnection, station online reply, monitoring and testing. In the use of CC link, the hardware switch setting, wiring (3-core shielded wire) and system configuration (parameter setting) are very convenient and simple

at present, CC link supports up to 360 kinds of devices, such as remote i/o, sensors, weighing controllers, regulators, solenoid valves, frequency converters, touch screens, etc. It has been supported by more than 220 manufacturers, such as Panasonic electric, Daiwa weighing apparatus, Yokogawa, Siemens, SMC, digital, NEC, etc. CC link is also the only Asian product that can compete with European and American fieldbus standards

four system configuration

the lower computer of this system adopts melsec-a2sh PLC of Mitsubishi Electric as the main control, and is equipped with Mitsubishi got touch screen as the lower human-machine interface (HMI). The metering control is composed of 12 CFW constant feed weigher of Shanghai Daiwa weighing instrument company. They are connected by CC link Fieldbus to realize data acquisition and control, so as to ensure the reliability and real-time performance of the system. The upper computer part selects Advantech IPC610 industrial control computer as the monitoring station, which has basically reached the highest level in the world. It is equipped with MS Windows NT 4.0 for workstation operating system and Citect version 5.30 monitoring software as the operating environment. The system software has rich functions such as process operation, monitoring, communication, alarm, management, trend, recording and man-machine dialogue, and has strong diagnostic ability. The hardware and software of the system are the organism of the control system. The above configuration ensures the integrity, consistency, compatibility and completeness of the system, adapts to the long-term stable operation in the industrial environment, and has the ability of electrical, magnetic and seismic anti-interference, meeting the requirements of safety

the structure and network configuration of the batching system are shown in Figure 1

1. The structure and composition of the lower computer

the 12 cfws used in this project are mainly to complete the raw material flow control. Among them, the cfc-200 instrument, which integrates regulation and calculus as a multi-functional metering controller, is the embodiment of Japan's outstanding metering instrument design technology, with sufficient anti-interference performance, diversified interfaces, self diagnosis function The self-tuning PI regulation function and other advantages, together with Mitsubishi A540 current vector converter and sew high-performance motor, form a complete mechatronic product, which ensures the accuracy of measurement and control (± 3 ‰ accuracy) and the constant proportion of instantaneous flow between 12 cfws

the lower computer adopts the CC link fieldbus control mode, and uses two Mitsubishi melsec-a PLCs to form the CC link dual computer redundancy structure. It has the characteristics of advanced, high-speed, reliable and large capacity, in which plc1 is the main control and plc2 is the backup redundancy. When the communication fails, the undisturbed switching between the main and standby PLCs can be realized. Since the 12 cfws are scattered, CC link bus is selected to connect the weighing controller of Daiwa weighing instrument directly with PLC. The lower human-machine interface (HMI) is Mitsubishi Electric LCD touch screen got, so as to ensure that the process data can be correctly and timely responded and displayed on the upper PC monitoring station and touch screen. Even if the upper PC fails or fails, the whole process control will not be affected. Although the monitoring screen of the touch screen is not displayed

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