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OPEC predicts that global oil demand will be strengthened this year

according to the daily telegraph, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said that the strategy of selling crude oil cheaply to the international market to crowd out American shale oil and gas plants as a disruptive material supplier is playing a role, and it is expected that global oil demand will be strengthened this year

OPEC's crude oil production accounts for one third of the world. The organization predicts that the global daily demand for crude oil in 2015 will be 29.27 million barrels, an increase of 80000 barrels compared with the previous expectation

OPEC said: "driven by seasonal demand growth and rising profit margins in the refining industry, global refineries are increasing production, which may lead to an increase in international crude oil demand in the next few months. We expect the US crude oil production to decline in the second half of this year, and the increase in demand of refineries will be met through crude oil inventories, easing the tension in crude oil production."

OPEC believes that the daily supply of non oil exporting countries FL lower limit frequency (Hz) is 680000 barrels this year, down from 850000 barrels previously. This reflects the expected decline in crude oil production in the United States and other non PEC member countries. The tight oil and processing conditions in the United States can meet the requirements, and the increased oil-bearing sand production will slow down after the decline in the number of drilling rigs

similarly, the monthly report of the industry forecast also confirmed that OPEC's oil production soared in March. Zhong Guang, deputy general manager of main mountain Southeast University exhibition nano materials Co., Ltd., said that the reason was the growth of oil production in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, as well as the partial recovery of oil production in Libya

Brent crude oil price has rebounded from the low of $50 per barrel in January, and its trading price on the 16th was $62.50 per barrel

Lawrence Fink, CEO of Blackstone Group, the world's largest asset management institution, said on Thursday that in the long run, oil prices will remain between $60 and $80 a barrel. In the foreseeable future, the oversupply of oil will continue

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