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Market situation of methanol in Northeast Asia

the price of styrene monomer in Asia was sharply revised last week. It is obvious that the high point of the price in the previous week is temporary, only due to the trade

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factors of trading. Market merchants agree that the benchmark of demand and derivatives is weak, and has been weak, so it is necessary to improve

or the price of styrene monomer cannot really rise/improve sustainably. The producers of PS (polystyrene), ABS (propylene

nitrile butadiene styrene) and EPS derivatives lamented the situation that their departments were on the verge of extinction in the late 1990s, and said that they could not cheer up the plow of the current downward spiral in styrene prices, and the decline in the price of phenylene monomer raw materials could not boost the price of derivatives. However, the price of styrene monomer fell due to the adverse situation of styrene derivatives

the buyer is unable to purchase styrene monomer, and there will be no marginal profit at that time. The price of PS is positioned at $610 - $620

CFR Hong Kong/China. Styrene manufacturers must be consistent with PS manufacturers. They should stop production, rather than continue to produce PDS systems at a loss. The expensive styrene price is $570/580

it is reported that the price in Chinese Mainland was stable last week, with a slight decrease from the ex factory price of 6100 yuan/ton, but it was stable at 5900 -

6000 yuan/ton. Although the domestic price is stable at this level, the intended purchase price of spot shipment in the Chinese market in the middle/second half of July is the low price of CFR main port in US dollars

In terms of spot goods, it is said that a transaction was concluded at the price of USD CFR China's main port, and one of the transactions is to sell tons of cargo to a South China buyer, who must ship it before July 10. The intentional selling price of traders for shipments in the second half of July slipped from US $590 FOB South Korea to US $580 FOB, and finally reached US $570 FOB South Korea. A trader said that he could not even get a stable bid of $550 for the shipment in the second half of July, and the meshing clearance of FOB ball screw transmission pair could be adjusted at will. Korea

Taiwan, last week, a styrene buyer announced that the quotation was $CFR, but he was still not sure that the price would not continue to decline. It is said that there is no spot transaction in the Southeast Asian market, and the trading range of the shipment in July is estimated to be $585 - $595 CFR Southeast Asia

last week, the FOB price of pure benzene in South Korea was 3910 yuan/ton, the FOB price of toluene was 3152 yuan/ton, and the FOB price of xylene was 3275 yuan/ton. Plus the comprehensive cost, the CIF price in South China is 4200 yuan/ton for pure benzene, 3437 yuan/ton for toluene, 3559 yuan/ton for xylene

last week, the price of pure benzene in the Asian market continued to rise sharply due to tight fundamentals and supported by the demand of the Gulf region of the United States. Toluene, with a large number of South Korean toluene continuously transported to the United States and Europe, the inventory in Northeast Asia has shrunk

and the price has increased. Xylene, the sluggish demand in China's downstream market has an impact on Asian prices, resulting in a weak market and a slight decline in prices

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