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In the first ten days of September, the market trend and market analysis of mixed xylene

entered the autumn, and the demand fell seasonally. The factors and psychological concerns that have driven up the oil price since this year have been reflected in the oil price. There was no hurricane that hit the oil and gas facilities in the Gulf of the United States last year, and the international oil price fell back to the lowest point in five months. If we can start from one production line, and the crude oil continues to decline, and the US crude oil falls below US $67/barrel for a period of time, we can technically believe that the oil price will be completely weak in the next few months and continue to decline

xylene market fell fiercely

isomeric xylene Market: the U.S. xylene market suffered a heavy blow. The bending modulus of elasticity experiment showed that the opening of the American Asian arbitrage window led the gradual decline of the Asian xylene market, but the decline rate of the market price slowed down this week. At present, the downstream p-xylene market has also fallen under the dual pressure of PTA and the decline of xylene market, and the gap with the price of xylene has narrowed

solvent grade xylene Market: affected by the decline of toluene and isomeric grade xylene market, the solvent grade xylene market continued to decline slightly this week, and the market negotiation atmosphere was not prosperous due to scarce supply and strong bearish sentiment. However, the scarce supply of goods has supported the market to a certain extent, and the decline speed appears to be relatively slow. At present, because the future direction is not clear, most market participants believe that the bottom line of price is difficult to predict

in the past week, the market price of xylene has continued to fall, and has fallen below the 10000 yuan mark. The sharp fall in the external market has exerted a great pressure on the market. With the expectation of falling in the future, plus the existing inventory in East China. Between 50000 tons, and from time to time, I heard the news of arrival in the market, the transaction level began to decline sharply, and the shipment intention of cargo holders increased significantly

with the continuous decline of the external market, the bearish mentality of major traders has gradually become strong, and the sales price has been yielding, making the market decline difficult to stop. Although the refinery has significantly reduced the price once this week, the buyer still can't see to the bottom of this market, and the intention to receive goods is weak. At present, the refinery price and market price are advancing again, and they will be upside down after all screws are wiped by copper wire. The market will also focus on the adjustment of refinery prices

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