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After the resumption of work and production, Honeywell and Chinese customers braved difficulties to create a better future. Intelligent manufacturing is promoting the smooth resumption of Chinese industrial enterprises, which is also an important factor for Honeywell's early and comprehensive resumption of work in 21 factories in China. Our digital technology has played a great role in our safe resumption of production. At present, Honeywell is committed to deeply integrating the physical world and the digital world to solve thorny economic and social challenges. This epidemic has once again made us deeply understand the great impact of digital technology, and we believe that our customers have further realized the profound changes that digital technology can bring to the way of life and production. As at any time, Honeywell will always be with its customers and work with them to win the future, said Zhang Yufeng, President of Honeywell China today

On March 12, Honeywell UOP announced that Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. would install four sets of Honeywell UOP polymed pressure swing adsorption (PSA) units in its refining and chemical integration phase II project in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province to supply high-purity hydrogen. Zhejiang Petrochemical Zhoushan refining and chemical integration project is one of several large petrochemical industrial bases in China's latest national economic development plan

polymed PSA system is a skid mounted modular device, which integrates hardware equipment, adsorbent, control system and embedded process technology, and can realize rapid and efficient installation, so as to effectively reduce costs and shorten the construction cycle

UOP has a factory in Zhangjiagang that specializes in providing processing technology, catalysts and adsorbents for the oil refining, petrochemical and natural gas processing industries, and it successfully resumed work on February 10. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention, all the four production lines of the factory have been in normal operation, and the workers have returned to the daily four shift and two operation state. The production capacity has been restored in good condition, and the epidemic has not affected the production of any order, said AI Jun, the factory director

welcome the era of high-altitude Internet

on March 12, the China International Import Expo Bureau announced the list of some of the first batch of exhibitors, with Honeywell impressively listed. Honeywell is one of the first multinational companies to participate in the first China International Fair. 2019 is Honeywell's second time to participate in the fair. The booth area is three times larger than that in 2018, reflecting Honeywell's commitment to the Chinese market. In 2020, Honeywell will continue to participate in the third China International Fair

the Expo has built a good development platform for global enterprises like Honeywell to strengthen business cooperation with China. Honeywell has demonstrated a series of advanced Internet technologies at the past two China International Fair, aiming to work together with Chinese customers to create a better future

the leading jetwave satellite communication system made its debut in the Honeywell Internet aircraft exhibition area at the 2019 annual China International Fair for honeycomb materials, which we provide the most cost-effective in the market. Since then, with the help of the east wind of the Expo, Honeywell has actively promoted the landing of this technology in China, and the Boeing 757 Internet aircraft carrying the jetwave satellite communication system has completed ground and flight tests in China. This milestone action will greatly enhance Honeywell's support for China's onboard high-speed satellite communications

Jia Zhijun, senior director of Honeywell Internet aviation Asia Pacific, said: after installing the jetwave system, Chinese aircraft operators can connect their fleets to high-speed Internet, so as to bring passengers a better flight experience and further enhance their competitiveness and profitability in the global aviation market. In addition to improving the passenger experience, jetwave also brings more powerful interconnection capabilities to help maintenance personnel and crew better manage the aircraft. This will help reduce fleet fuel costs and aircraft delays

anti epidemic protection also needs intelligent technology

after learning that Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital needs fire detection alarms on February 26, Honeywell urgently deployed 2102 intelligent wireless independent fire detection alarms and donated them to Leishen Mountain hospital. Honeywell only took four days to complete the scheme determination, goods transfer, delivery and commissioning, and officially handed it over to the property management department of the hospital. Honeywell engineers have also trained property managers to ensure that the fire detection alarm can operate intelligently and stably in Leishen Mountain hospital

Li Ye, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group in Greater China, said: thousands of intelligent fire detection alarms cannot be separated from the continuous rush of Honeywell Xi'an factory, which shows the importance of resumption of work and production. Our Xi'an factory resumed production on February 10, and the production capacity recovered well, which can ensure the normal production and delivery of existing orders. This is also an important reason why we can immediately meet the needs of Raytheon Mountain hospital

the same business group, in order to help customers better and faster return to work, released a rapid screening solution for infrared thermal imaging human body temperature measurement, enabling epidemic prevention and control with science and technology. Through the rapid deployment and control of thermal imaging human body temperature measurement dual light infrared camera, thermal imaging human body temperature measurement intelligent channel management and safety integrated management system platform, users can realize contactless and rapid screening of people with excessive body temperature. It can be widely used in public transportation, office buildings, factories, customs, schools, hospitals and other crowded public areas, and effectively build a safe and healthy environment

sensor IOT helps digital transformation

during the Spring Festival, 80 production line employees of Honeywell sensor IOT Nanjing factory stuck to their posts and expedited the production of medical sensor parts. They don't know how to choose the testing machine in an emergency? It is used for the assembly and production of respirators of the two companies, so that the respirators can be transported to the hospital as soon as possible to provide auxiliary breathing for patients. At present, the Nanjing factory has also resumed production in an all-round way, with full power to ensure the supply and demand of sensors

since its establishment in 2007, Honeywell sensing IOT Nanjing factory has developed into a sensing and IOT solution center integrating first-class independent research and development, production and process improvement, producing 300million sensors every year. The quality of sensors directly affects the perceived source data and further data processing results. The sensors in Honeywell Nanjing factory are widely popular because of their excellent product quality

Nanjing factory belongs to Honeywell safety and productivity solutions group. Chaixiaozhou, President of the group in Greater China, said: in order to cope with the ever-changing market environment, we strive to bring customers an overall solution of hardware + software, continue to meet the rapid changes in Chinese market demand, reduce enterprise production costs and improve enterprise productivity. In the future, we will continue to work in the field of software and hardware to better serve the local market and help more enterprises realize digital transformation

(3) pour concrete with strength grade no less than C20 in the pit. From intelligent control of petrochemical projects, interconnected aircraft, intelligent epidemic prevention to sensor IOT, Honeywell is responding to the needs of customers through a series of excellent intelligent technologies. For us, no matter when, customers are always the top priority. Under the condition of ensuring safety, we hope to restore production safely and smoothly and make it connect with the paddle, so that we can work with Chinese customers to create a better future despite difficulties. Zhang Yufeng said

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