Marking and identification of the hottest parts

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Part marking and identification

industry practice shows that the ability to obtain accurate item identification and prevent errors is the central problem for suppliers to improve the efficiency of supply business and management work

ed Weber toolworx information products company

what popular materials and utilization did a MEDTEC China Exhibition deliver to us? The wise man once said, "if you can correctly identify an object, it is easy to prevent errors." Maybe I made up a wise man. Maybe there has never been such an easy thing. However, this sentence still contains some truth. Auto parts suppliers always strive to identify and supply all kinds of parts accurately in the whole business process. There are two main reasons for this. First, internally, it can ensure the product packaging and shipment without errors. Second, for their customers, they can improve efficiency when assembling cars. In the successful case provided in this article, we will introduce the experience of an auto parts supplier in improving management by acquiring the ability to accurately mark and identify parts

ebersp Cher group

ebersp Cher group is a first-class auto parts supplier headquartered in eslingen, Germany, beside the Neckar river. Its total response in North America is fast in Novi, Michigan, USA. Ebersp Cher group has more than 25 companies and about 5100 employees in 16 countries around the world. The company has two departments: exhaust engineering department and automobile heater department. The factory in Brighton, Michigan, manufactures catalytic converters for many automotive OEM manufacturers

the quadrus EZ barcode reader of MICROSCAN company reads in an ebersp Cher component

as part of the long-term internal business improvement of ebersp Cher, ebersp Cher is facing a challenge. In the year of switching to a new model, a part of the catalytic converter will be replaced by a part of the new bdi606. The washable coating of the new model parts will be different from the original. The new and old parts need to be correctly distinguished, but the problem is that they look no different in appearance. The customer's requirement is to place an eye-catching label on each part produced. Errors are not allowed in this case. The current operation process requires an operator to stick the pre printed label on this part. When the number of parts produced is very large, the possibility of errors will increase. In order to solve this problem, the factory set up an internal team to study the solutions to prevent mistakes

the first scheme proposed was to change the processing process, but due to the high cost, this scheme had to be abandoned. The second idea is to label the parts at the initial stage of processing. However, since the subsequent treatment requires coating to cover the surface 100%, this can not be achieved after labeling, so this plan is also rejected. The third scheme developed by the team is to mark the surface of each part with a data matrix barcode, and then establish a corresponding label that can be read by people by reading the data matrix barcode after the coating is completed. They finally decided to make data matrix bar codes on the surface of parts by needle stamping and provide an error free solution for reading/printing by toolworx information products company. Among them, the quadrus EZ image bar code reader of MICROSCAN company was selected to deal with this key step, that is, to read needle stamping bar codes that are difficult to be recognized by human eyes

check whether the joint of the oil circuit system is tightened at ebersp Ch. there is already a needle punch in the factory, which can punch specific codes on parts. The company decided to add a data matrix barcode containing part number, batch code, date, team code and unique serial number. These data are transferred from its product line control center to the needle press

then, the part goes through the process of coating, and finally comes to the reading/printing station composed of quadrus EZ imager and toolworx product line control printer. The part is placed on the fixture and a series of tests are carried out to determine whether it can pass the inspection. If the part passes the test, it will trigger the quadrus e image barcode reader to read the data matrix barcode and send the results to the printer

the printer software first checks whether the series code has not been read before. If it has been read before, the printer will output an error message. If it has not been read before, the printer uses the information transmitted from the quadrus EZ image barcode reader to create a customer part label, which includes the customer part number and a 3-letter line identifier. Then, the operator pastes the customer label on the part. Following the above process, ebersp Cher has established an error free process to ensure that no parts are incorrectly identified. Moreover, companies do not need to buy pre printed labels. After completing this work, ebersp Cher also plans the next step of internal business improvement, which is to capture the data matrix barcode of each produced part and process the data, so that the batch/part situation can be fully tracked. Readers who want more technical information about the quadrus EZ imager reading data matrix bar codes can visit the MICROSCAN Chinese website () for more information. (end)

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