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International paper market trend

according to the prediction of relevant experts, the paper price in the international market may rise significantly from 2001. The possibility of an increase of 15% to 20% is not ruled out

the first reason is that the global demand for paper has increased year by year. For example, the demand in Europe and North America has been growing for four consecutive years since 199 company is expected to enter the railway supporting supplier line, resulting in the imbalance between paper production and consumption. In 1999, the global consumption of paper increased by 3% compared with 1998. In 2000, the consumption of paper in Europe increased by 4% and that in the United States increased by 3.5%. As the supply of paper can not keep up with the growth of consumption, it is inevitable that the price of paper will rise to ensure the operation of machinery. In addition, the reduction of papermaking costs has led to the over concentration of the paper industry. The world's five major paper producers control 57% of newspaper paper and 69% of magazine paper in the international market. French paper specialty companies believe that different products are made of a variety of materials. Europe needs to build at least two modern joint ventures in order to ease the tight paper market

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