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Market status and development prospects of special cable industry in 2018

Shangwei Co., Ltd. (formerly known as star cable) is the first listed special cable enterprise in Southwest China. Its main products include special cables for nuclear power plants, rail transit cables, high-voltage cables, mining cables, marine cables, wind power cables and offshore oil platform cables. Its products are widely used in nuclear power, rail transit, wind power, solar energy Petrochemical Industry and other fields

the substantial growth of Sunway's performance in 2018 was mainly due to the substantial growth of its special cable business revenue and net profit. In 2018, sunway's special cable business achieved a revenue of 1.270 billion yuan, accounting for 84.06% of the total revenue, a net profit of 50.6717 million yuan, and a profit contribution rate of 87.40%

domestic and foreign markets have blossomed in many places, and the rail transit market has made a breakthrough

in 2018, sunway's revenue in the nuclear power and new energy markets, rail transit markets, traditional advantageous markets and overseas markets increased significantly with the planned Stora Enso Guangxi forestry pulp and paper 1 integration project in the middle of 2016, the first phase of the 450000 ton paperboard machine was put into operation, Among them, the traditional advantageous markets (electrical equipment, steel smelting, petrochemical market, the new national standard testing content and projects announced by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center have been 10 points clear, etc.) achieved a revenue of 766 million yuan, an increase of 235.23% year-on-year; The rail transit market achieved a revenue of more than 158 million yuan, an increase of 390.63% year-on-year, mainly due to the company's participation in the construction of subway projects in more than 10 cities such as Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu, as well as breakthroughs in the construction of intercity rail railways such as Shanghai Nanjing line and Chang'an Jiangxi line; The revenue of nuclear power and new energy market was 188 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 150.25%

the decline in the price of upstream raw materials promotes the profit growth of cable business

the main raw materials of Shangwei special cable products are copper rods and other metal materials, and the cost of raw materials accounts for more than 70% of the production cost of products. The price fluctuation of the above raw materials will directly affect the production cost of the company, and then affect the profitability of the company

according to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, since January 2018, the domestic spot copper price has continued to decline, from 53959 yuan/ton in January 2018 to 48054 yuan/ton in February 2019, a decrease of 10.94%. This will waste a lot of stored energy

the price of upstream raw materials will decline, which will be transmitted to the special cable market, showing that the production cost of the special cable business will decline and the gross profit margin will increase. In 2018, the gross profit margin of the company's special cables was 20.64%, an increase of 4.04 percentage points over the previous year

the demand for special cables in nuclear power and new energy markets continues to grow

according to the medium and long term plan for nuclear power development and the national "13th five year plan", by 2020, China's nuclear power installed capacity will reach more than 58gw, and the nuclear power installed capacity of projects under construction will reach more than 30GW. According to the data of China Nuclear Energy Association, as of December 31, 2018, China has put into commercial operation a total of 44 nuclear power units, with an installed capacity of 44.65gw. There is still a big gap from the 2020 nuclear power planning goal, and there is a broad space for development. At the same time, it also brings a market space for larger nuclear power right cylinder to exert greater force on small cars and cables

in recent years, the rapid growth of offshore wind power installed capacity has also driven the market demand for special wind power cables. According to the statistical data of China Wind Energy Association, in 2017, the domestic offshore wind power increased by 319 units, with a new installed capacity of 1.16 million KW, an increase of 97% year-on-year; The cumulative installed capacity reached 2.79 million KW, an increase of 71% year-on-year. It is estimated that the installed capacity of offshore wind power will reach 4.04 million KW by the end of 2018

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