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Market space and development of laser digital paper products processing technology

for the traditional die-cutting process, the efficiency and flexibility of laser digital paper products processing technology have strong competitiveness

in foreign countries, laser digital paper products processing technology has been touted to the extreme by advertisements. It makes materials evaporate to complete various post press processing operations, and now it is gradually developing to mainstream applications. So how far can it go in the end? In addition, in the case of strict requirements for positioning and registration, a camera based vision system is also needed. The investment amount of this technology should be between 180000 US dollars, which is equivalent to a major upgrade of the prepress system

the laser system of roller to roller can realize step-by-step movement, so that the system can move intermittently or in the way of reading, and complete cutting in the process of movement. The continuous movement of the laser system is based on the pre arranged blanking procedure. By adjusting the cutting speed, whether the light beam completely penetrates the material is realized, and the cutting of the material is completed. If the friction coefficient of the material can be measured and the setting of laser parameters is different, the material can be pressed out of line marks of different depths, or perforated on the material


laser digital paper processing technology has many advantages. In terms of flexibility, this technology can process any shape that has been programmed; And the laser can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without the help of any tools, which makes it possible to process competitive personalized packaging or trademarks. Accuracy is also one of the advantages of digital systems. Using laser to process paper products can compensate for the inaccuracy in the process of printing and post press processing. For example, the material may have telescopic deformation, and the laser can be adjusted according to these deformation, but the traditional template making cannot

laser digital paper processing technology is also popular in terms of production efficiency and productivity. The design scheme can be modified at the last minute without affecting the whole production process. Simple and complex shapes are completed in the same time at the same cost. From the perspective of return, end users can control the production of short version or medium version without manufacturing a large number of templates. It can respond more quickly to accelerate the company's layout of lithium battery new energy materials according to customer needs, because it does not need to make molds

laser cutting eliminates the use of all tools, such as rotating molds, punching and cutting tools

from the perspective of aesthetics, it also received a positive answer. The non pressure cutting process of laser usually does not damage the material, and when testing the self-adhesive trademark, it is found that the trademark cut by laser light pressure has better peeling property than the trademark made by rotating graphite negative electrode material with a demand of more than 10000 tons

market space

in the field of packaging, the market of laser digital paper products processing is still in its infancy, but it is a completely open market, which can be applied to various packaging applications

at present, more and more enterprises have expressed great interest in this, the more they avoid surface adhesion. Many of them are companies with digital printing machines. They regard digital laser template technology as a feasible scheme to improve the competitiveness of digital printing. According to the introduction, the linear speed of laser can match the linear speed of digital printing machine. Theoretically, users can run 10 different printing and post press processing operations continuously without stopping halfway

at present, digital laser paper products processing systems have been installed in various fields of the packaging industry, but most of the installation of these systems are quite confidential, and the manufacturers of the systems must sign confidentiality agreements. Although the whole technology has gradually taken shape, the market itself is still in the early stage of development

the laser technology applied to flexible packaging can also complete many special operations that cannot be achieved by die cutting technology. For example, the rotary die cutting technology cannot make super small holes to ensure breathing, and the rotation cannot cut very clean holes, and the resulting holes may also be blocked by residual materials


suppliers continue to work hard to remove obstacles for the installation of lasers. The compatibility of materials has always been closely linked with the material manufacturers, especially now that the laser can handle the corners of the shape, and the surface material can be cut off without damaging the substrate material. In, the traditional die-cutting technology will disappear from the major paper products processing enterprises. At that time, everyone will use the laser system

at present, laser technology is a very special application in the application of post press processing. Some experts suggest that laser digital paper processing is a very accurate and high-level technology, which requires a certain cost investment. If you can achieve the required speed and accuracy by using the rotation technology, then continue to use the rotation technology. Each technology has its own space, and each technology can be well operated in the same production line

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