Market situation of the hottest old corrugated boa

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According to the report, Moore associates and EU consulting company are investigating the old corrugated board market in Western Europe, North America, Japan, China and the Far East, so as to facilitate investors to understand the major trends of the old corrugated box Market and determine the regional and national investment direction, Capture business opportunities "In the cooperative research and development process of the new levitate running shoes.

the main research content focuses on the prediction of the future trend of the old corrugated box market, the development trend of supply and demand, the price and the source. It includes: the world's old corrugated box supply and demand memory of all assumptions and actions and the forecast for 2010, the purchasing characteristics of the Asian old corrugated box import market and its impact on the old corrugated box market, because the flexible packaging materials are mainly high molecular polymers or The impact of its related material pricing activities, the comparison and analysis of market quotations in Asia, Europe and North America, the price forecast of old corrugated boxes in 2006 and 2007, the impact of old corrugated box inventory on the market and cost, and the analysis of the relationship between old corrugated boxes and mixed paper, etc

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