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Bisphenol A: market summary in March and focus in April

bisphenol A: market summary in March and focus in April

April 8, 2021

bisphenol A prices in China continued to rise in March. From supply to "double 101" sprint; Another customer said that from a face-to-face point of view, during the month, the load of Sinopec Mitsubishi bisphenol a plant was reduced periodically, and the operation of Lihua yiweiyuan bisphenol a plant was insufficient. Domestic bisphenol A manufacturers mainly deliver orders, with less spot export sales. Coating materials are designed according to the requirements of hard polymers. Co waste materials are processed to make all kinds of teaching aids. The supply of imported goods is insufficient, the inventory of bisphenol A holders is generally low, and most of them sell at a price controlled volume

including the digital display period before PC software

the demand for epoxy resin this month is stable, and the market price rises synchronously; On the other hand, the cost pressure of the downstream PC industry remains unabated, and more factories digest long-term or inventory. By the end of the month, the market reference price of bisphenol A in East China was yuan/ton, up 19.59% month on month

there is no obvious "inflection point" in the operation trend of bisphenol a market in China in April, and the high-level market may continue. From the supply side, many leading domestic enterprises shut down bisphenol A devices for maintenance in April, and bisphenol a spot resources are expected to be further tightened in April. The tight supply side will still be the core factor supporting the high market

from the demand side, the epoxy resin market is also in the upward channel at this stage. In the short term, the shortage of epoxy resin in Europe and the United States is difficult to alleviate. In the first quarter, domestic epoxy resin export orders increased rapidly, and the change of global supply will continue to drive the epoxy resin market upward. In addition, the high raw materials, it is expected that the epoxy resin market price in April may continue to rise

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