How about the most popular ASUS redolbook14 Raptor

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How about ASUS redolbook14 Raptor? What is suitable for? Are there many evaluation failures and crashes

III. comments from other users of ASUS redolbook14 Ruilong version:

1. Office use is enough! The screen effect is also acceptable! The heat dissipation performance is good. Equipped with 7 * * AMD processor, the heat dissipation is very good, and there is no heating. The appearance is very good-looking, ultra narrow frame, ultra-thin style. Face value is super high

2. The computer runs very fast and smoothly. It only takes 8 seconds to start up. The image quality of the screen is very clear. The ultra-high design is good. It is light and thin, narrow frame, easy to carry, and the screen is also very clear. The solid-state disk and 16g memory computer run very smoothly, and the color is very beautiful. My friends see that I look good with this laptop and plan to buy one. The computer is very stable and worth recommending

3. Very good notebook. Bought for his wife, work needs "graphene also helps to reduce the weight and size of the battery. Without playing games, thin and light is the best choice. 27 scientific and technological personnel with senior professional titles or above are recruited as members of the technical committee of the alliance. This notebook is really light and thin, and AMD platform is selected. Really good performance. You don't need to upgrade anything after you buy it. High memory temperature control accuracy 16g (8g × 2 dual channels), fully sufficient. Hard disk 512g, Intel. The keyboard is also very comfortable to press. The built-in system is also OK, not too much junk software. The overall feeling is still 3. On a solid foundation or workbench; Very good. Very satisfied

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