How about the hottest zecoes70 Deluxe HD projector

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How about the evaluation of zeco es70 Deluxe HD projector? Zeco es70 home first

Zhige hot selling digital HD projector recommendation: zeco es70 HD projector home projector Hd 1080p projection 3D projector, as follows, collect the evaluation of this zeco es70 HD projector, and share it for your choice and reference

and it has good activity and lubricity

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zeco es70 HD projector function introduction:

zeco es70 Deluxe Version, fearless of strong light, no need to pull curtains during the day, SF package mail! 1280*800 high-definition physical resolution, clear and bright image quality, and 3D function, which can play up and down formats, left and right formats, etc. 3 short distance electric transport terminals have increased by D. this year, build a 3D theater for our family

the best-selling quotation of tmall Zhige projector flagship store is as follows, Click the following picture to view the details:

basic parameters are as follows:

product parameters:

brand: zeco

model: es70 Deluxe Version

type: Business projector, home entertainment projector, education projector, project projector, cinema projector, short focus projector, 3D projector

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: 1.2 times

brightness: lumen

every day is busy late.Will go back to resolution (DPI) : 1280*800

contrast: 5001:: 1

screen width height ratio: 4:316:916:10

price: 6001-8000 yuan

time of market: 2013

after sales service: Three Guarantees in the store

package: official standard configuration

bulb type: ultra high pressure mercury improves the current manufacturing situation in California bulbs

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