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How about Frost/Zeiss v66 KTV jukebox comment on Zeiss v66 KTV jukebox

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recently bought this "but" [shoe making] the customer found us Frost/Zeiss v66 KTV jukebox family karaoke one-piece high-definition home jukebox touch screen, which has been used for some time, Let's talk about my opinion on using this Zeiss v66 KTV song ordering machine:

I picked it for a long time and liked it for my own eyes. It's different from the Shanzhai model with high sales volume in the whole Taobao Langjie street. It has a novel style. After connecting the projection and stereo, it's bright at one point, and the image quality is better than the Shanzhai model with the first sales volume I bought before. 1 It's much stronger when the jaw is not properly clamped, and the sound quality is not to be said! The last one went to the West less than a month after it was used. Taobao is dying. How can it be supervised? Now it's useless to see the evaluation. It's all brushed out. On the contrary, this company that really makes products with heart is unknown. As a senior buyer of 4-diamond VIP5, it's responsible to say that this jukebox is worth buying Expand to view the latest quotation of tmall, and other comments from friends

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