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How about Midea first sight 35L electric oven pt3511? Is the function good? Evaluation of hands-on experience

compared with the standard revised in 2003, this beautiful 35L spiral electric oven pT3 is the latest model launched in 2020. It's recommended by gourmet experts. Later, I planted this one in a certain East and shared my feelings after using it for a period of time: it's a very easy-to-use oven with high appearance and baking tools. I like it. After receiving it, I made egg tarts, biscuits, roasted chicken wings and roasted whole chicken. I think it's very easy to use. I recommend it

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Midea first sight 35L electric oven pt3511

I Midea first sight 35L electric oven pt3511 activity price:

Midea first sight household electric oven full-automatic cake baking small multi-function desk oven 35L large capacity

[at the price] 899.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 599.00 yuan


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Midea first sight 35L electric oven pt3511

high appearance value, It's macarone green. I like it very much. The oven 35L is very accurate, and we have to measure it. The first time I bought an oven, I immediately began to operate it. The children were also looking forward to it. It can ferment dough, very fast. Roasted sweet potato roasted for the second time mastered the usage, 50min, 200 degrees, roasted, so for the sake of justice, the material selection is very good. Roast mutton kebabs are also decorated with metal aluminum plates on the surface of the system. There are 100 ways to unlock various ovens. The only thing is that the barbecue skewer oil splashed on the top of the box is hard to wipe

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