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How to use the murui murui 20000 Ma universal power bank?

I. how about the murui 20000 Ma universal power bank? Let's see the configuration features first:

large screen digital display, large LED digital display screen, accurate display of power

20000 large capacity 20000 milli sprocket The safety device of the test bench: electronic limit protection

19. Mor with the gradual implementation of the National IV emission standard of commercial vehicles in China, UI morui 20000 Ma general charging treasure users commented as follows:

one month of use experience:

(1) the charging treasure I used before is particularly easy to use. But my mother accidentally knocked it off the ground and broke it. Then I searched the power bank and saw this. I wanted to buy it and try it. It's not expensive. I thought I couldn't buy anything easy to use. But after I mailed it back and used it with full power, I found that it was really good. The electricity was very resistant. I could use it while watching movies and rushing it several times

(2) the power bank was very good and beautiful in appearance. Although it was very heavy, it was generally the weight of large capacity ones, It's lighter and smaller than the 20000 Ma one I bought before. I chose this power bank after reading it for a long time. It's good, and the package is also simple and tall. Evaluation after half a year of use:

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