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SKG A9 large caliber Juicer how about the slow Juicer SKG A5, evaluation of the expanded uncertainty of relative synthesis 9

SKG A9 large caliber Juicer 4. Put the sample Juicer in place. The commercial household fruit and vegetable juice multi-function full-automatic deep frying juice

one yuan pre warranty regulations are as follows: there are several reasons why you can't enjoy the Jinan experimental machine warranty regulations. How about this Juicer, Please refer to the following user comments:

make fixture mechanism: according to the experience of using the tested product for one month: a very good original juice machine, with high juice yield and dry slag. It has been recommended to friends and colleagues. They have bought five more, and everyone drinks juice every day. Gifts are also very good. We support SKG

half year evaluation:

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SKG A9 large caliber Juicer slow Juicer configuration parameters

Product Name: SKG A9

origin: Chinese Mainland

other accessories: ice cream juice cover

manufacturer warranty: 1 year

brand: SKG

model: A9

capacity: 1L

operation mode: key press

intelligent type: intelligent is not supported

yes No display screen: no

body material: plastic

speed per minute: 43 rpm

number of filters: 3

voltage: 111v~240v (included)

screw propeller material: PC

speed: 40 RPM (included) -60 RPM (included)

65mm) "> feed inlet: large diameter (65mm)

place of purchase: Chinese Mainland

additional functions: ice cream milkshake tofu juice

Color Classification: golden wine red

rated power: 200W and above

rated power: 240W

food contact material: PC

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