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How about vivo x5l 4G mobile version? The latest eight core offer opened on August 28

vivo latest recommendation: vivo x5l 4G mobile version is extremely fast eight core ultra-thin 5.0 inch 1300W pixels. At present, this new model provides a powerful proof for stab FB ⑵ 000 series flame retardants on August 28. It will be launched globally, and you will get an exclusive luxury gift bag when you buy the machine, Vivo original ultra-thin mobile power supply valued at 358 yuan + Bluetooth headset valued at 169 yuan + 168 yuan (half a year extended warranty + 30 days worry free return and exchange). The top 100 high praise first sent a Sohu Video card. ◆ slim makes the upper and lower jaws not concentric 4G, extremely fast eight core ◆ 2G operation, high-speed access ◆ enjoy hi fi, palm K king, and create a "pro" famous song, which is urgent

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vivo x5l 4G mobile version detailed configuration parameters are as follows:

specification parameters

5.0 inch

touch screen type




single card multi-mode

running memory RAM




bring different audio-visual feelings to viewers

Aurora white


photography, music, fashion, smart 3g4g

non removable battery

eight core

eight core CPU frequency



straight board

virtual touch screen keyboard

below 9mm

rear camera


camera type

dual cameras (front and rear)

video display format

720p (line by line HD D4)

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