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How about the function of HP smart tank 531? Start with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this HP smarttank531 printer has good functions and is new to the market. Someone started this printer and has used it for a period of time. Let's talk about the experience: at home, sometimes I want to print photos or a little bit of documents. After reading it for a long time, the sex price ratio of this printer is simply, scanning, color printing, black and white are all available. The key is really simple for me, an electrical illiterate. Some don't even have the least common sense of polyurea! One person can install the printer and turn the buffer to the proper position! Downloading an HP smart is simply not easy to use. Anything displayed on the can be printed out! Artifact artifact. My father thought four or five thousand. Ha ha ha. It's really cost-effective! Its appearance value is not low, and it is quite suitable for household use. It is put under the bed when not in use. Hahaha, the quality of copy and printing really cannot be said. It can't be seen whether it is the original or the copy. The photo is also good. Although the color changes a little, it doesn't affect. It's great

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1. HP smart tank 531 activity price:

HP 531 continuous wireless printer three in one color automatic multi page continuous copy scanning will usually produce degradation. Description: home printing, commercial office printing price: ¥ 1599.00 activity quotation link: https: experts believe/

2. HP smart tank 531 configuration parameters:

Product Name: HP smart tank 531

3 HP smart tank 531 other user comments:

install the ink and nozzle, turn on the power and print the proofreading page, and the effect is very good. Connect the wireless network and print the test paper for the child, one in black and white, one in color. Fast and effective. Recommended purchase. The printing paper sent by the merchant was delivered separately by express delivery, and it also arrived. Very good

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