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How about voyo winpad a1s tablet? Voyo winpad a1s friends' quotation comments

voyo new hot selling tablet recommendation: voyo winpad a1s WiFi 32GB 10.1 inch Intel quad core genuine win8 tablet, so what about this new voyo winpad a1s tablet? Follow to see the quotation of related configurations of voyo winpad a1s tablet, and use voyo winpad a1s tablet friends' comments, I hope you can choose this voyo winpad a1s tablet for your friends

let's take a look at the features of voyo winpad a1s tablet first: ① pre install the officially licensed genuine win8.1 system, and give 599 yuan of office software; ② Intel's fastest 64 bit processor; ③ 2G operation storage +32g storage +hdmi function; ④ 10.1 inch top-level IPS screen; ⑤ Seventh generation desktop graphics card; ⑥ Narrow frame, 8.6MM thin metal body; ⑦ Bluetooth 4.0 voyo. (please click here to view the official quotation) With the Networking Association as the link, the detailed configuration parameters of voyo winpad a1s are as follows:

specification parameters

10.1 inches


touch screen type

capacitive type. The latter one belongs to destructive detection


rear camera pixels





solid state disk

four core


winpad a1s

original handwriting handwritten HDMI Bluetooth intelligent gravity sensor Handwriting

windows 8.1 Chinese version

CPU main frequency


usbhdmi audio output flash card reading OTG



front white and back silver

processor architecture

x86 clover trail Zhong Huaining put forward four suggestions: "1. It is necessary to ensure that upstream suppliers use relevant standards or chemical materials and raw materials approved by the health and Family Planning Commission to produce materials and products; 2. It is necessary to ensure that the upstream transmits the declaration of conformity and supporting supporting documents to the downstream; 3. It is necessary to ensure that the finished products meet the normative requirements of product standards and framework standards; 4. The production should meet the requirements of GB 31603 good manufacturing hygiene code +

it reduces the risk of long-term implant side effects—— At present, many patients are negatively affected by permanent implants. Intel

processor model information


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