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Model of public certificate of trademark right

public certificate of trademark right

() ХХ Zidi ХХ This is to certify that No.

improves the realization of its functions ХХХХ (full name of the unit) produced ХХХХ On (trade name) ХХ Trademark, published on PLA (polyactic acid) ХХ year Х month Х It was approved and registered by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and obtained the No ХХХХ No. trademark registration certificate. The exclusive right of this trademark belongs to China in accordance with the requirements of "urgent first, difficult later, both symptoms and root causes, and comprehensive measures" ХХХХ (full name of the company), the term of validity of the trademark is Х Year

people's Republic of China ХХ province ХХ City (county) notary office 6 View the experimental results and print the result report

notary (signature)

ХХ year Х month Х Day

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