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Article 1 both parties to the contract:

Party A: (hereinafter referred to as the lessor):________________________

address:____________ Postal Code: \\\u:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Party B: (hereinafter referred to as the lessee):________________________

address:____________ Postal Code: \\\u:____________

legal representative:____________ Title:____________

Article 2 according to the public bidding of the lessor and the bidding and defense of the lessee, the final bid evaluation shall be conducted by the bid evaluation committee________ And its partners are determined as the successful lessee. The lessor and the lessee hereby enter into this contract in accordance with the basic contents determined by the tender base price

Article 3 both parties to the lease say that the lease operation is a new type of socialist operation mode, and they are willing to create new experience in enterprise lease operation on the premise of invigorating the enterprise and improving economic benefits

Article 4 after the lease operation, it is still a state-owned enterprise

Article 5 after lease operation, it is necessary to adhere to the socialist direction, implement various guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and decrees of the party and the state, and operate according to law

Article 6 the business scope and product direction shall, in principle, conform to the characteristics and development planning of the industry

Article 7 after the lease operation, the lessee shall become a person who has independent accounting, pays taxes according to regulations, operates independently, assumes sole responsibility for its own profits and losses, and has the ability of self transformation and self-development

Chapter II lease term, property and rent

Article 8 the lease term is____ Year, i.e____ Year____ Month____ From to____ Year____ Month____ End of day

Article 9 common property of the factory____ Yuan, of which; National assets____ Yuan, working capital____________ Yuan. Independent operation leased to the lessee

Article 10 the rent is determined as or what kind of fault____ Yuan, is____ Annual payment


________ Year__ 4. Data test suddenly increases______ Yuan

________ Year________ Yuan

________ Year________ Yuan

Article 11 the rent shall be paid in a lump sum by bank transfer within 30 days after the due year

Article 12 in order to meet the development needs of the plant, the lessor shall return the rental income to the lessee as a fund for expanding production, and shall increase the rent accordingly. The lessee shall use the special funds for the special purpose

Article 13 the lessee shall withdraw not less than uu% of the leased fixed assets Depreciation fund and uu% The fund for major repairs must be earmarked for a specific purpose

Article 14 the debts of the factory before lease operation shall be paid off by the lessor

Article 15 the lessee invests his personal income in the plant. The property right belongs to the lessee. After the lease expires, it can be taken away or discounted to the next lessee

Chapter III lessee's rights and obligations

Article 16 lessee's rights

1 The lessee is the legal representative and ex officio factory director of the factory during the lease operation period. The lessee representative of the partnership lease shall be the legal representative and the deputy factory director

2. The lessee has the full right to use the leased property

3. The lessee has full autonomy over the operation of the factory

4. The lessee has the right to set up an organization for the operation and management of the factory; Personnel appointment and removal rights; The right to appoint professional and technical personnel; The right to reward and punish, employ and dismiss employees

5. Self selected salary form, self determined salary standard and fund distribution right

6. The remaining profits of the factory after tax payment shall be at the sole disposal of the lessee. The lessee may decide on the distribution method through consultation with the employees

7. From the month of lease, the lessee shall stop paying wages and bonuses, but retain the original wage level and enjoy the unified promotion right of the state. File salary can be included in cost

8. During the lease term, the lessee shall enjoy the labor insurance benefits and public medical treatment for the employees of the enterprise owned by the whole people as stipulated by the state

9. The lessee may put forward handling suggestions for the old equipment which is idle and useless and whose technical performance is backward among the leased equipment, and with the consent of the lessor, go through formalities and carry out renovation

Article 17 obligations of the lessee

1 The lessee must pay various taxes, fees and overall planning funds in accordance with relevant provisions, including the national key energy and transportation construction fund

2. The lessee must pay the rent in full in the near future

3. The lessee must ensure the intactness of the leased plant and equipment, and carry out regular maintenance of the equipment in accordance with the relevant provisions on equipment management. Without the consent of the lessor, it is not allowed to sublet or subcontract the operation of others

when the contract is terminated, the lessee shall ensure that the net value of the leased fixed assets will not decrease

the lessee shall provide property insurance for the leased plant and equipment

4. The lessee shall consciously accept the supervision of the party organization, respect the democratic rights of the employees, report its work to the employees, and listen to the opinions and reasonable suggestions of the employees

the lessee shall support the work of grass-roots party organizations, trade unions and the Communist Youth League, and solve the salaries of required personnel, necessary activity funds and venues

5. The lessee must protect the legitimate rights and interests of the employees of the factory, and shall, on the premise of improving economic benefits, continuously increase the average income of the employees, and continuously improve the working conditions and welfare benefits of the employees

6. The lessee shall have value____ The property of yuan is mortgaged. During the lease operation period, the mortgaged property has only the right to use, and no right to distribute. The mortgaged property shall apply for family property insurance. The mortgage shall be deposited in the bank by the lessor, and the interest shall be owned by the lessee

Chapter IV lessor's rights and obligations

Article 18 lessor's rights

1 Have the right to collect the rent from the lessee on time and in full

2 Have the right to supervise that the leased property is not damaged

3 establish an information service platform Have the right to supervise the product direction of the factory

4. Have the right to supervise and audit the financial affairs of the factory

5. To the product quality of our factory

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