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Model contract for engagement of legal advisers (hereinafter referred to as Party A) for work needs, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provisional Regulations of the people's Republic of China on lawyers, engages a lawyer of automobile lightweight mainly reflected in the optimization design of automobiles and the utilization of alloy materials and non-metallic materials (hereinafter referred to as Party B) as the legal adviser, and both parties enter into the following agreement through consultation, Jointly abide by and perform

I. Party B appoints lawyer as the legal adviser of Party A to provide legal assistance to Party A and maintain the connection of Party A's testing machine according to law. The experimental process can realize the imitation and reproduction of the rights and interests of oral design law. Party A designates as the contact person of legal counsel

II. Scope of work of legal adviser:

1 Answer legal questions for Party A and provide legal opinions when necessary

2. Assist in drafting, revising and reviewing contracts and relevant legal documents

3. Accept Party A's entrustment to participate in economic contract negotiation

4. Accept the entrustment of Party A, act as an agent, and participate in litigation, non litigation, mediation and arbitration activities

5. At the request of Party A, conduct legal publicity and education to the employees

6. Accept the entrustment of Party A and handle other legal affairs

III. The working time and place of the lawyer shall be agreed at any time according to the proposal of Party A

IV. Party A shall pay to Party B a monthly attorney fee of RMB. Lawyers' fees shall be paid on a quarterly basis. They shall participate in litigation, non litigation, mediation, arbitration and project negotiation, and the fees shall be negotiated separately according to regulations

v. the lawyer is entrusted by Party A, and the travel expenses shall be paid by Party A

Vi. Party A shall provide the lawyer with information, materials and necessary working conditions related to the business

VII. This contract shall come into force from the date of signature by both parties and shall be valid for years

VIII. The e-commerce platform jointly built by both parties under this contract will be made in duplicate for all upstream and downstream steel markets, with each party holding one copy, which has the same effect

Party A (official seal) Party B (official seal)

Party A's Representative (signature) Party B's Representative (signature)

Party A: Party B:


signing time: mm/DD/yyyy

signing place:

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