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Model of appointment contract for property management by:

principal: () (hereinafter referred to as Party A)

assignee: () (hereinafter referred to as Party B)

this is because Party A, as the developer of the building, is the building management operator according to the provisions of the building public contract, and has the right to handle the management affairs of the building. This agreement hereby appoints Party B as the property management company of Party A, responsible for providing property management consulting services before the completion of the building, and endowing the right, position and obligation to manage the building after the completion of the building. The terms agreed by both parties are as follows:

Article 1 property name

the current name is big, and the approval to build the National Engineering Laboratory this time is a full recognition of Wanhua's ability in surface material research, integrating and converging innovative resources, improving the combination of industry, University, research and application, or a new name when the name of the property is approved to be changed in the future

Article 2 property address


Article 3 service scope

the service scope is shown in the annex (omitted)

Article 4 term of employment contract

1. the early-stage property management consulting service shall take effect from the signing date to the date when the building is completed and delivered for use

2. the property management service starts from the delivery date and lasts for years; At that time, if both parties agree, this contract can be renewed, but Party A and Party B shall re sign the new contract three months in advance

Article 5 property management fees and maintenance, management, repair and replacement of property equipment

1. the management fee charged by Party B for managing the building shall be operated by Party B, and the surplus shall be the reasonable profit due to Party B, and Party A shall not participate in the sharing

2. upon the completion of the property management handover procedures, Party A and Party B shall meet Party B's management level, formulate the charging standard and determine the corresponding budget management system according to the charging standards for the maintenance and repair of individual equipment in Beijing and in combination with the electrical copper rod tensile testing machine

3. in order to ensure the use or renewal of large facilities and equipment such as elevators, security alarm systems, telecommunications systems, fire protection systems, sewage pipes, tap water and hot water pipes, Party B shall set up large and medium-sized repair and renewal funds. The fund standards and equipment renewal and transformation costs shall be calculated and reported by Party B, which shall be implemented by Party B after being approved by Party A

Article 6 handover of facilities, equipment and drawings

1. Party A shall completely hand over the drawings of facilities, equipment and buildings involved in the property to Party B. the transfer of drawings between Party A and Party B shall be handled by professional technicians appointed by both parties. The transferred drawings shall be accepted item by item. The facilities, equipment, buildings and their attachments within the acceptance scope shall be under the management of Party B. Party B shall not be responsible for any improper management or loss caused to the facilities, equipment, buildings and their attachments that have not been handed over or have not been clearly handed over or have not been clearly explained and delimited

2. drawings shall be handed over or accepted in written form, recorded item by item by technicians, and signed and sealed by both parties for confirmation

3. the documents and records of the transferred project shall be filed and kept by both parties respectively for review

Article 7 Property Management Convention

1. Party A authorizes Party B to formulate all rules and regulations related to Property Management Convention and property management, which shall be implemented by Party B. Party A and the tenants of the building or the owners with independent and complete property rights shall strictly abide by the provisions of such conventions or rules and regulations. In the event that Party A, the tenants and the owners abide by such documents, Party B shall be responsible for any improper management. In case of improper property management or losses caused by Party A's tenants and owners' violation of the provisions of these documents, the corresponding person shall be responsible

2. Party A authorizes Party B to have sufficient power to formulate emergency measures or temporary regulations. Such regulations formulated for the effective management of the property shall be strictly observed by Party A or Party A to assist the tenants and owners

Article 8 consultation and complaint reporting

1. major matters arising from the management of the property shall be settled by both parties through negotiation

2. Party B voluntarily accepts Party A's supervision. Due to Party B's improper management, the tenant, the owner and Party A have the right to complain, and Party B shall immediately take measures to correct it

Article 9 management organization

1. after taking over the property, Party B shall complete the establishment of the management organization and the post responsibility system within days. The establishment scheme of Party B's management organization, the post responsibility system and the corresponding contact information shall be reported to Party A for Party A's use and supervision

2. Party A shall provide Party B with necessary office space

Article 10 financial management

1. Party B shall establish a sound financial management system for the charging items, charging standards and charges determined in accordance with the above provisions and the Convention on the management and maintenance of important economic and social significance for the development of green buildings. Properly use all expenses

2. Party B's annual financial budget and final settlement plan shall be reported to Party A for filing. If Party B needs to adjust the charging standard of management fee according to the price increase index, management standard and various price adjustment factors, it shall implement it after consultation and approval with Party A

3. all original documents, vouchers, account books and statement records shall be properly kept by Party B

Article 11 year end bonus for property management

due to the effective management of Party B, Party A shall give appropriate rewards at the end of each year, and the reward standard shall be negotiated by both Party A and Party B

Article 12 taxes

all taxes levied by the government on the property are the taxable fees of Party A, which shall be borne by Party A. The tax payable of Party B as a normal business enterprise shall be borne by Party B

Article 13 breach of contract

1. if Party A or Party A's lessee violates the provisions of this Agreement and the property management documents, it is a breach of contract. If the property management is improper or Party B's losses are caused by Party A or Party A's lessee's breach, Party A or the corresponding person shall compensate to the extent of the actual losses. If Party A or Party A's lessee violates the Management Convention and other documents, which constitutes a breach of contract, Party A shall also pay liquidated damages to Party B in accordance with the provisions of such documents

2. Party B shall be responsible for repairing the property loss of Party A caused by Party B's improper and negligent management

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